Saturday, October 21, 2006

This couldn't look any cooler if it had Jennifer Tilly and Morgan Fairchild.

...Oh wait it does, probably not wrestling in jello though. Sigh.

This sunday night ABC family is airing what is certain to be a classic of C grade exploitation TV movie. I suppose the family part of that ABC guarantees no nudity but still based on the preview here I must watch this.

The movie stars Mika Boorem who plays Sarah, a young woman with mysterious powers (that's the set-up for about 40 horror movies I've seen), and her seemingly normal sister Lindsey played by Summer Glau. As they go off to college and enter sorority life, they find themselves pulled into the middle of a centuries old battle between good and evil. Ah those forces of good and evil will they ever learn.

The movie also stars TV exploitation queen Morgan Fairchild, Reba's Joanna Garcia and the uber sexy Jennifer Tilly. I know what I'm doing Sunday night.

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