Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Promise Not to Post Those Awful Gil Gerrard Pics Again

Anybody out there catch South Park this week or last? They did this very funny two-parter where Cartman is frozen and wakes up in the future. The funniest part of each episode is a parody of the opening from the old Buck Rogers TV series. Click here to check it out:

The original Buck Rogers TV opening:

And just cause I love Buck Rogers so much here is the opening to the TV pilot movie. Did you know that the Buck Rogers theme had words? It does and they are awesome! There are also some pretty cheesy looking women sprwaled out around a slumbering Buck, you msut watch this:


Anonymous said...

So here's the best way to watch Buck Rogers.

Watch it pretending that Twiki actually can't speak, and when he does, it's just a figment of Buck's imagination or some kind of psychosis - perhaps from being frozen in time.

It works because no one hardly ever "responds" to Twiki aside from Buck. After a while it gets kind of weird and believable - like this was the big "secret" to Buck Rogers.

Trust me - just try it.

Anonymous said...

The opening to the pilot has to be one of the most drawn out things I've ever watched! Never knew it had words tho. Gotta love the roller disco queens of the 24 century.


Anonymous said...

Biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy- what's up, Buck?

justacoolcat said...

It was strange afterwards when I realized a cartoon fulfilled my sci-fi cravings.

Anonymous said...

What a nostalgia flash! It's been decades since i last saw Buck Rogers, still in the black and white tv of my childhood... it was the tv program that "programed" my brain with science fiction. Thanks for remembering it.