Thursday, November 30, 2006

Perverts Beware!

Now I watched alot of He-man and She-ra as a kid but I don't remember this one.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rabbi, sir? I got touched...

I always think of the PSA that ran in comics in the 80's with Spider-Man and Power Pack, and the Webster "No, Go, & Tell".

TV and comics had all kinds of helpful hints like that for kids in the 70's and 80's. Don't chase your ball into the street, don't take candy from strangers, etc... I guess no one cares anymore.

I regularly see pregnant women smoking now. It used to be ultra taboo.

Mob said...

I somehow mixed the Eternians message with G.I. Joe and was waiting for a line like "...and knowing that you were molested is half the battle." at the end of the PSA.

I'm going to hell.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty certain I remember that actually. If not that community service at least another!

See today's cartoons don't care if you're getting touched up - Pikachu should do something like this

Anonymous said...

Speed Racer never had to have PSA's. He simply watched as others drove thru the guardrail and exploded in flames!! =) Now THAT'S a message for ya!!

Becca said...

I forgot about the PSAs at the end of those Spiderman cartoons. Man were cartoons required by law to do that?

Did you ever get any GI Joe on DVD? It had a ton of those PSAs as they were boring! I wanted Cobra to rush in, choke Joe then warp little children's minds by telling them to go out and do evil.

Pikachu couldn't do any PSA's cause he was like Rocky took a few too many in the head while battling other pokemon.

So I can blame Speedracer for my love of watching things crash into a flamming wreck.