Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Overlooked Movies: Tommy

"A critic's typical praise is 'Beautifully understated.' That means beautifully false . . . I'd rather go the other way - to gamble rather than play it safe. If I err it's by overstating, but I try to get it right." ~Ken Russell on Directing

Tommy is blind, deaf and dumb, but there is nothing wrong with him. As a small child, he accidentally witnessed the murder of his father by his stepfather. His mother and stepfather told him to forget everything he had seen and heard, and to never talk about it; but Tommy carried it to the extreme, turned inward, and stopped seeing, hearing or speaking at all. He suffered much while growing up, and finally found happiness in, of all things, playing pinball. When he became the world champion pinball player it brought his family fame and fortune. After being spontaneously healed, he began to teach others of his unique perspective on life, eventually becoming a religious cult figure.

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Your senses will never be the same

Fun Trivia:
Ken Russell originally wanted Christopher Lee to play the Doctor. But he was in Bangkok, Thailand, filming The Man with the Golden Gun. Luckily, Jack Nicholson was in London at the time, and he was brought in as a last-minute replacement for Lee. His singing and his film part were filmed and recorded in 18 hours.

According to Pete Townshend, Oliver Reed had incredible problems recording his part of the soundtrack owing to his inability to sing, and he was able to complete it only because his singing parts were recorded in small bits. Because of this frustrating experience, Townshend was extremely suspicious towards Jack Nicholson when he was chosen to the role of the doctor. Townshend, however, finally agreed when he heard Nicholson singing effortlessly.

The original choice to play the Acid Queen was David Bowie.

Eric Clapton's appearance in the film was an expression of thanks to Pete Townshend, who had helped Clapton kick his heroin addiction.

Director Ken Russell makes a cameo as one of the cripples during "Eyesight to the Blind/Marilyn Monroe" sequence.

It took three days to film Ann-Margaret's memorable and messy champagne, beans and chocolate sequence and was injured in the process. Yuck can you imagine writhing baked beans for three days?

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Ann-Margaret who played Tommy's mother was only three years older than her on-screen son, Roger Daltry.

The building that is seen to be on fire, part of Tommy's holiday camp, is in fact really burning down. It is South Parade Pier in Southsea. A fire was accidentally started during the filming and the crew decided to include the footage in the film. The fire-crews and the fire are genuine. The pier was rebuilt and is still in use today.

Rod Stewart was originally intended to play the pinball wizard, but Elton John talked him out of it. John then took the part himself.

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George Lucas was offered the chance to direct this movie in the early-1970s, but turned it down because he was developing American Graffiti.

John Lennon appears in the last car that is flashed during the "I'm Free" running sequence.

Fun Quotes:
Uncle Ernie: I'm your wicked Uncle Ernie; I'm glad you won't see or hear me, As I fiddle about, fiddle about, fiddle about. Your mother left me here to mind you, And I'm doing exactly what I bleedin' well want to, Fiddling about, fiddling about, fiddle about. Down with your bedclothes, Up with your nightshirt...

Acid Queen: Gather your wits and hold on fast, Your mind must learn to roam. Just as the Gypsy Queen must do, You're gonna hit the road! My work is done, now look at him. He's never been more alive. His head it shakes, his fingers clutch. Watch his body writhe! I'm the Gypsy, the Acid Queen, Pay me before I start. I'm the Gypsy, I'm guaranteed To break your little heart.


M. Here said...

That just looks... odd. Really odd. What's up with all the beans? Perhaps I'm missing something seeing it out of context from the film, but perhaps not. Where do they all come from? It looks like she's rolling around with a giant hot dog; the food fetishists must love that scene. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great movie and great entry.
Ann-Margaret is one of the top 10 hottest women of ALL TIME.

primalscreamx said...

One of my all-time favorites and Clapton's cover of "Eyesight to the Blind" is superior to the Who's version. It was whiteboy blues at its best.

Anonymous said...

A much more fun film to watch than Quadrophenia IMO.

Becca said...

Yeah, I'm fine with the bubbles but the beans and chocolate make me wanna get sick. A friend of mine says it looks like she's rolling around in menstral blood with a giant dick and I can't say he isn't wrong.

Yes this is for sure one of the greatest movies ever. I love Oliver Reed in this movie, he's just so much fun to watch and yes I love his singing. If you can call it that.

I find I like most if not all of the songs from the movie better than the originals. The soundtrack is a musthave.

I have never seen Quadrophenia but I'll take your word for it.