Saturday, December 23, 2006

Skelletor's Video Fun!

I haven't posted any of Unemployed Skeletor's Video Blogs of Evil in quite some time! I don't know why I guess I just kinda lost track of time. I plan to catch up but to tide you over until I do here is the absolutely brilliant Blog of Evil #38 where Skelly gives us a new video for Alone Again by Gilbert O'Sullivan.

And you know what he's totally right the lyrics to that song are really depressing!


Anonymous said...

The seventies were the right time and place for depresing songs. This one, 'Seasons in the Sun','Billy Don't Be a Hero','Lucky Man', 'Wildfire', gawd, the list goes on...
oh well...Merry Christmas. :)

Dr. Zaius said...

LOL! Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Like many evil politicians as of late, his regime has crumbled, and his agenda has changed from world domination to subsistence living. It is hard to deliver an evil, hate-filled speech with any kind of global emphasis from the dining-room table.

I have now watched a few of your Skelletor videos. Freakin' brilliant! I must say, he is a far more empathetic character in live-action than as a series of images of celluloid and paint.

Becca said...

Cheesy and depressing, now that's the music of the 70's.

Dr. Zaius-
The Unemployed Skeletor Blogs are genius. It shouldn't be funny but I fall on my ass laughing so hard sometimes. You have so much to look forward to if you keep watching, author interviews...a cooking show... so worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the praise/promotion for my video blogs.Completely talking out of character--this idea,started as a halloween costume,then the idea came for a few of my friends to get together and make a short no budget film mockumentary.I then decided, just for fun,to start promoting the film by making video blogs.They never were suppose to be weekly,but the demand was high,so i thought what the hey.:) Eventually the ideas i started thinking of couldnt be just improv-ed(as all of them are,except the edited blogs)so thats why i started making them 2 a month.Hope you've enjoyed this behind the scenes info.Oh and incase you dont believe this is "skelly",ill let you in on the next 3 40-SKELLY!-my 80's style sitcom,making fun of "laugh tracks" blog 41-a music video based on the 90's song "return of the mack"--i feel that this blog has potential to be downloaded the most. and finally blog 42-skelly stars in a spanish soap opera....this one will hopefully make people laugh,they better,speaking spanish was not easy. all 3 will be posted randomly thruout jan.oh,are you on myspace? check out my page,with some cool pics of u.s.
thanks again..............skelelater!

Becca said...

Wow thanks for the background...I absolutely love these video blogs and can't wait to see the movie. If you need any help to promote it, please let me know and I'll be happy to talk it up on The Skullcave.

And thanks for the hilarity!