Monday, January 01, 2007

Comic Book Ads

Ahh comic book ads...these were always so silly. Did anyone out there actually eat more Hostess cupcakes or mail order Sea Monkees cause Captain America told you to?

Batgirl vs. The Magpies...apparently the call of Hostess Fruit Pies is so alluring no one can resist.

Sock it to me Captain!

Popeye Wants a Quaker...Well he had to do something with all that eccoli in spinich.

Very special people? This must have been published at the start of the political correctness movement.

Suffering Sappho! Wonder Woman needs Twinkies quick!

The military's secret weapon...

You see! OJ only wears Dingos so those couldn't have been his bloody footprints at the scene of the crime...

Meatlof? Seriously? I guess he just cares that much...or he was doing some kind of public service on a drugs charge.

I used to have the Wonder Woman Underoos, those were the coolest.

And if you want to check out more Comic Book Ads click the link.


Anonymous said...

Some of the best things to unearth I haven't seen in years! Still fun to do..

Anonymous said...

You had me at "old comic book". Great collection! I was expecting scans of sea monkey ads but I've never seen these.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to watch the video for Allcaps by Madvillain.

Anonymous said...

I think I still have some of these in my collection. I love that super villans had to resort to stealing Hostess snacks in the 70's. I guess times were tough for them. I did actually eat more Twinkies because Aquaman wanted me to.

btw- what self respecting kid growing up in the late 70's didn't have Underoos?!?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, Cooky La Moo is only like the best name ever!

Mob said...

I remember being thirteen or so and wondering who the hell Meatloaf even was.

Great set of ads.

Becca said...

The best indeed...

And I was soooo tempted to put the Sea Monkeys up to.

Allcaps? What's that?

The 70's were hard on us all. I wonder if it was cause Hostess pies were made with the worst stuff on earth. You know the kind of ingredients that are one step away from asbestos.

And Cooky La Moo is the best name ever! It's one of the reasons I chose to post this.

Yeah I had no clue who Meatloaf was either then I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was ruined forever.

Anonymous said...

it was interesting as a kid reading these too as I had no idea what they were advertising as we didn't have them in Australia - ahhhh the memories though!!