Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have such a crush on the 9th Doctor

I just finished watching the first season of the new Dr. Who with Christopher Eccelston and I loved it. Any fans of good science fiction with real moral questions will very much enjoy this show.

**Spoilers this is the last scene of the season***

...yet I don't like Starman, go figure.

Speaking of figuring, hey look action figures!


smallerdemon said...

Me to my wife: *turns computer around and shows her the headline"
Me: The gay girl. On Eccleston.
*wife smiles*

My wife has SUCH a crush on him. Oh, and as a 41 year old guy, when we get to the end of the season...


and Capt Jack kises the Doctor goodbye, I am in tears. Like they're streaming out. *sigh* Dude, I'm a 41 year old married straight guy crying at two men kissing goodbye. I totally *heart* Doctor Who now.

Becca said...

There's something oddly flattering about being reffered to as "the gay girl".

There was something grandly emotional about this series of Who, more so than any episodes I've seen before this. I just connected with the stories and loved the energy Christopher Eccelston brought to the role.

And your wife has excellent taste!

smallerdemon said...

There's something oddly flattering about being reffered to as "the gay girl".

*heh* It's completely meant to be! Of course, around these parts (SanFran) sometime there has to be more clarification than "the gay girl", as you might imagine.

Me:"You know, that cute lesbian I work with."
Her: "Which one?"
Me:*describes them one by one*
Her: "Hm, no, I don't remember. You work with a lot of cute lesbians."

Angie Pansey said...

You've got a wonderful blog!

Right now in Canada we get BBC's latest Doctor Who with David Tennant, he's alright but a bit over the top at times.

I think my fave was the eighth Doctor Paul McGann, dunno why but he struck a chord with me.

Becca said...

That's exactly the kind of trouble I'd imagine you'd run into living in San Francisco and all.

Thanks for stopping by, you have a pretty cool blog yourself.

Paul McGann you don't hear that very often and I must say that's very cool. I actually enjoyed the Paul McGann movie very much even if it is considered near blasphomy among Who fans. I thought Eric Roberts was great as The Master.

I've been watching the first David Tennant season just this week, actually I'm watching as we speak. He's not bad, but I really miss Christopher Eccelston.