Friday, January 12, 2007

Prepare for Pirates on May 25th

Hot off the presses take a look at some posters for the new Pirates of the Carribean movie...Pirates of the Carribean At Worlds End...

God I hate Orlando Bloom...he looks so fay with his stringy long hair and attempted masculinity.

So even despite the presence of Orlando Bloom I am hella excited!


Anonymous said...

THat's cuz it's gonna be hella cool!
I really hope Geoffry Rush drops the sword and sharpens his pinky nail back up for this movie.

I'm anonymous cuz my account is f'd up.


Anonymous said...

oooohhhh those are hot!!! I love me some pirate Johnny Depp- wet dream cum true!!! and Keira Knightly is a skinny lil hottie...

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts? LOL I think Orlando looks hot in this teaser poster! Of course it doesn't really take a whole lot to make him look good in the promo shot since he is just naturally sexy!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Surely you jest! I absolutely love Orlando with longer hair especially when it is wet and stringy. He is the major reason I saw Pirates of the Caribbean in the first place. I love Johnny and he is a good actor but Orlando is my favorite actor and far better looking than Johnny Depp.

SamuraiFrog said...

That's so funny to me how 14 year-old girls who are threatened by male secondary sexual characteristics surf the web looking for non-threatening fey boys. I'm surprised women notice delicate little Orlando next to actual men like Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Depp, and Chow Yun-fat. I mean, the 14 year-old girls there I understand, because they're afraid of real men and like the fops that they can imagine as genitally-deprived Ken dolls with long, pretty hair that they can braid. Thank goodness girls grow up and realize what masculinity is.

As for defending Orlando's acting, well...I'm sure they also think of romance novels as literature.

Becca said...

Stupid blogger! And yes this movie looks hella awesome!

Johnny is awesome but I am so excited Chow Yun Fat is in this movie! I have a way too serious crush on him.

As far as Kierra goes I guess we disagree on hotness levels...but if she was hanging on your arm I'm sure you'd make her look good.

Joan & Carol-
Wow, really? You think Orlando looks manly? And you think he's a talented actor? I just don't see it. Thanks for your comments though.

Well put sir, well put!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing At Worlds End Memorial Day Weekend.

The blogger hates Orlando Bloom. Wow...that is a bit harsh. Who pissed in your bowl of Cheerios.

Personally, i feel Orlando is very good looking and an asset to the trilogy.

SamuraiFrog said...

An asset? She's three letters correct. His role could've been played by anyone, even someone with a modicum of talent.

Oh, for the 14 year-old Bloom fans, "modicum" means "tiny bit."

And don't these movies all pretty much suck anyway?

Becca said...

So do the Orlando Bloom fans think that just by telling me my personal, completely subjective opinion that Orlando Bloom is a one note actor who looks like a lady-boy is wrong will change my mind about him?

Just asking is all.

And Froggie you keep topping yourself.

Anonymous said...


Apparently no one can change your mind about Orlando but I have to say you are dead wrong! I doubt you would know masculinity if it hit you on the head. I am not a young girl by any means and I think Orlando is HOT! He is very sexy without even trying. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Orlando is gorgeous but then again maybe the Orlando fans are just a lot smarter than you.

It's people who act like you (narrow-minded and just plain rude to get a rise out of people) that make me love my horses more than humans.

Becca said...
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Becca said...

Okay so I challenge you Orlando fans to convince me of Orlando's worth. What is it about Orlando that you like? What qualities am I missing?

I have seen all of the LOR films, the Pirates movies, Ned Kelly, Kingdom of Heaven, Black Hawk Down and in none of these movies have I seen any kind of amazing or memorable acting from Mr. Bloom. In fact most of the time his one-note, over-dramatic performances bore me to tears!

Why am I narrow minded because I am being honest about my opinion? I have seen over half the man's films and I am not impressed!

As far as whether Mr. Bloom is attractive or not we can sit around all night and you won't convince me, attraction is different for everyone and I'm sure you would hate some of the people I am attracted to. In fact I imagine you would be pretty vocal about disliking some of my choices and you know what...that's okay! I appreciate thoughtful honesty.

I'm sorry I picked on your precious Orlando, but I promise you just cause I said he was lacking in the looks department doesn't make him any less attractive to you does it?

Cause if it does then you all have some serious problems.

And Haven I have been civil with all the anon commenters so far, I even thanked the first two young women for their comments but you my dear just sent me over the edge.

Yes I know what masculinity is because I have had real relationships with men and don't need to run to horsies and wet dreams of Orlando Bloom when I want to get fucked.

SamuraiFrog said...

Spinster--I mean, Haven's comment is the most hilarious I've ever read. I like her horses more than her, too. And if Orlando Bloom fans are smart, why are they Orlando Bloom fans?

Becca said...

If you love Orlando Bloom then you'll love Samuraifrog's post about the annoying hairless girly boy. Check it, it's quite a funny biting post in the usual Samuraifrog way.