Sunday, January 28, 2007

Theme Week: Wonder Woman

I love Wonder Woman, she's may favorite superhero and honestly who couldn't love an Amazonian Princess running about in star-spangled hot pants. So this is post 1 in a planned week of posts about William Moulton Marston's brain child.

To go with the theme here is a new Wonder Woman themed banner!


Dr. Zaius said...

We were just talking about Wonder Woman on another blog. The blogs and news sites are all saying that the new Batwoman will the highest profile lesbian superhero in comic books, But I think that they are wrong on that point. I personally think that there is a very good reason that Wonder Woman kept Steve Trevor at arms length all of these years.

Think about it, the only reason she ever came to "Man’s World" was because the goddess Aphrodite told her to go forth and fight the evil of the Nazis. Wonder Woman spent most of her time in "Man’s World" hanging out with a sorority from a local women’s college, the "Holliday Girls." And anyway, Steve Trevor was a twit. Who is going to believe that she was really in love with him? Puh-leez!

Becca said...

Yeah Wonder Woman found an excellent beard in Steve Trevor. He was so lame, he was constantly getting caught and needed Wonder Woman to save him.

No, forget Steve, to me it always seemed like there was something going on between WW and Etta Candy. I mean her name alone a candy.. is proof enough.

Dr. Zaius said...

Strange, I would have never pictured the two of them together if you hadn't brought it up. Now that you mention it, perhaps you're right! As Etta is prone to say, "Woo-Woo!"