Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole

This might sound funny but I've always had a soft spot for Anna Nicole Smith.

I remember the first time I saw Anna Nicole I was a teenager in the early 90's thumbing through an issue of Vogue or Bazaar. Of course I didn't know who she was at the time I just remember noticing how beautiful the busty young blond model looked rolling around in the Guess ads. When I threw away the magazines I saved the ads and taped them up on the walls, I just couldn't get enough.

In 1992 while browsing through the magazine rack at the bookstore I saw Anna Nicole on the cover of Playboy, had to buy it! She would eventually go on to be 1993's Playmate of the Year making me the proud owner of a second issue with Anna Nicole. I can't tell you how many times I poured over the pictures or would sketch one of the poses, esthetically she was perfect so beautiful, big doe eyes, wavy blond hair, soft curvy flesh and the biggest set of tits you could find in an issue of Playboy. As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated by the female form, it's practically the only subject I've ever used in my artwork, but looking at these pictures...well I'm pretty sure it's the first time I was consciously attracted to a woman. That makes Anna Nicole my first girl crush.

Despite stories and interviews that made her into the flakey sex symbol my crush continued for years as I collected various magazines and videos featuring the lovely Miss Smith. I even stuck with her when she married the half-dead billionaire Howard Marshall, she may have been a ditsy but clearly she had smarts enough to hook a rich dude.

I stayed with Anna Nicole when her husband died leaving her the bulk of his fortune, I was with her when her step son E. Pierce Marshall sued her to get all his daddy's money back, I was even there through her very public weight gain (hey there's just more of her to love) was The Anna Nicole Smith Show that killed my interest in her. It was so hard to take between her obvious drunkenness and her two ever-present, sycophantic companions; Kimmie her personal assistant and Howard her "lawyer" worshiping her every action. She was simply too appalling for words and the crush was gone in almost an instant. Even the end of the show and returning to her former Playmate weight didn't do much to win me back over, my fling with Anna Nicole had ended.

That was probably all for the best since she just seemed to get crazier and crazier til the tragic death of her son under suspicious circumstances, then the marriage to her "lawyer" (can't he be disbarred for marrying a client?) before even holding a funeral for her son and craziest yet, her release of the video tape to the press that had captured her son's final moments before death. It was all rather sick actually. There have been more news stories since but I have done my best to ignore them.

I was at work this afternoon when I found out Anna Nicole had died and I really wasn't sure how to feel. It took me a minute to process the information...Anna Nicole dead at 39? It seemed so unlikely, like the punchline to a joke I had missed but it wasn't a joke. It might sound silly to the rest of the world but for a few minutes I was really sad, Anna Nicole helped me discover part of who I am and for that I thank her...wherever she is. I'm really going to miss her, even if she was crazy.

In memory here is the video for Bryan Ferry's Will You Love me Tommorow featuring Anna Nicole Smith...don't worry she doesn't sing.


SamuraiFrog said...

That video adds a really sad tinge. Someone should put together a montage of some of her better moments and set it to that song.

Becca said...

I thought so...somehow the perfect tribute.

And yes I agree a montage would be great, I really need to invest in that editing equipment.

Scurvy said...

One thing I hate is 'reality' TV. That is a prime example of why. It can take a celeb you are into and totally kill your image of them for knowing too much about them. That hapened for me with "The Osbournes" (even if a good deal of it was an act) still... too much info.
Sad she died like that. It's way too young.

nouseforaname said...

I had this very mixed feeling about her death, whever these pop icons die, it feels sad, part of our celebrity world has died.... she was very beautiful, but also a very tragic girl... something was missing in her life, something was broken inside of her and she was never able to repair it.. sadly, and horrible as this sounds... maybe her daughter has a chance with her passing. some people are just stuck in the perpetual whirlpool, sucking others down with them... sad though, really sad...

Becca said...

No kidding The Osbournes was just crazy. I think we should ban all the celeb reality shows...I mean who really wants to know all that much about Tom Sizemore or Peter Brady?

Becca said...

Very well put and I have been suprised by the number of people who are having similar reactions. I guess despite all the rough times she's had lately all of us can kind of relate.

Thwacko said...

I'm not in to blondes, but no one could top Anna Nicole in her prime. Damn...

david_b said...

What a sad, sad ending. Like Dita, I love and applaud her Femininity in all it's glory.

I'm a full-blooded straight gentlemen, not into porn, but I.. love curves and sensuality. There's magnificence there, and she played it to the hilt. I loved her. I thought the reality show idea was cool initially, but when you see 'the joke' go too far, it ruins the mystique.

And those last photos of Anna were truely horendous. Her skin was SO off-color, you can easily tell something was chemically-induced and just 'not right'. What great sadness permeated those photos..

'Viva the Difference' as the French said, I enjoy men being men, women being women. I miss her as well, her playfulness, her innocence, and yes.., her hair, her smile and the curves.

You are missed, Ms. Smith.

david_b said...

Yep, very sultry. I love Cybill Shepherd in the same style, but Ms. Smith was the pinnacle.