Friday, February 02, 2007

As Wonder Woman

For as long as I can remember people have been talking about making a Wonder Woman movie. Right now it seems as though it's closer than ever to being made...unfortunately that hack Joss Whedon is at the helm which makes it's chances of being good somewhat slim. In anycase everyone has their own casting ideas, some have even gone so far as dress the actress of their choice in the famous costume. Here are a bunch of my favorites...not that I necessarily think these women should play the role but who doesn't like to look at hot women dressed in that iconic cotume?

Aria Giovanni

Elisha Dushku

Anne Hathaway


Carmen Electra

Jane Russell

Lisa Marie

Liv Tyler

Lucy Pinder

Mariah Carey

Minnie Driver

Monica Bellucci

Rachel Weisz

Rita Hayworth

Rose McGowan

Shannon Elizabeth

And just to throw my two cents in the mix; Wonder Woman should be played by Charisma Carpenter. Come on she's perfect! She's a real physical presence; tall and beautiful with just the right amount of ditz to make it fun. My big fear is that Joss Whedon will want to make his movie as boring and humorless as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the recent Fantastic Four movie.

Phew that was a long post! Feel free to share your casting choices. I'd love to hear what people want to see.


Scurvy said...

Oh, they'd never have the brass to use someone like Aria Giovanni or the like. Shame too. I'd have to say Monica Bellucci would be my pick. I am sure they'll fuck it up tho and put someone like Paris Hilton or some other flavor of the month in the lead. (Just thank God it's not a Spelling production or you know Tori would be thanks)

I'm sure if the film ever comes out tho, I will have the same reaction as I have to 'Ghost Rider' I like the character, but not the actor. TIme will tell, eh?

John said...

I'd love it, actually, if they cast someone who was a bit intimidating and grim, rather than just sexy, but I can't see that happening.

Oh, I just read that Whedon has pulled out of the project, so you are in luck there!

Dr. Zaius said...

Becca, did you make all of these? They are all great, it is hard to pick a favorite!

I think that your choice of Charisma Carpenter physically looks the part. I am loathe to admit that I don't know who she is, though.

The image of Rose McGowan is so sultry, but Rita Hayworth has got to be the steamiest.

Minnie Driver is ridiculous! I love her as an actress, but she just doen't fit the bill in this case.

Liv Tyler could just about work, at least in a comedic version of the film! The photo is so impish. I love it!

Anne Hathaway works as well, in a "young Amazon learns the ways of the world" sort of way.

Anonymous said...

I think of all of those, Lisa Marie could be the most physically intimidating, plus bring the right strangeness to the role that an isolated Amazonian introduced to the 21st century would bring. But i also I think your choice of Carpenter would be the best among those pictures.

Of course, the hosttest among those pictures was Aria Giovanni, but that goes without saying.

Becca said...

It's probably for the best they'd never use Aria. I've seen the woman act and well she can't but my oh my is she beautiful!

All of the rumored casting choices I've heard so far have been awful! Everything from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Rachel Bilson. Wrong direction folks! They need to at least cast someone who looks like she'd be strong enough to lift a fork to her mouth.

I really hope Whedon has pulled out but my luck cannot be that good.

Dr. Zaius-
No I didn't make any of these just found them around the internet, but they are indeed great...

Charisma is great. I've seen her in a few movies but was best on Angel.

I love that someone used Rita Hayworth & Jane Russell, so cool.

Minnie might be okay tho she's not my first choice. Liv could be pretty cute in a New York setting. Anne Hathaway would be the perfect Wonder Girl!

Lisa Marie would be good and it would be nice to see her in a movie again.

PIPER said...

This is the most elaborate tribute to Wonder Woman since the one I have in that secret compartment in my closet.

Anyways, I think Elisha Dushku or Rose McGowan would have been mighty fine as the Amazon Queen.

Becca said...

And such a closet it must be!

And I never really gave Rose McGowan much thought til I saw the picture but when I think about it, I really like her as Wonder Woman. She just has a real magnetic screen presence that would make her kinda fun to watch.

Dr. Zaius said...

Piper has Wonder Woman locked away in a secret compartment in her closet? Quick let her out! She can't breathe in there!

Becca said...

Oh it's okay she's used to being tied up and held captive!

nouseforaname said...

I loved Rose McGowan- how hot would that be... and funny I think Elisha Dushku could rock it as well.... These were some hot pics, Becca cool idea!

Merlin said...

I'd have to go with either Eliza Dushku or Charisma Carpenter. To me, some of the other choices are just bad jokes. Sorry.