Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Bedroom of a Pop Culture Junkie

And the final stop on the tour of the apartment the bedroom. Kinda girly but hey at least there are tits hanging on the wall over all the stuffed animals...of course that kind of describes me in a nutshell.

And for those who missed out here are links to:
The Library
The Kitchen
The Living Room


Dr. Zaius said...

I love all of the stuff! I would have never figured you as the proud owner of a stuffed animal collection. You need lots more pictures of the bunny though!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm I spy a little Anne Hathaway there... Tracey won't let me mention her any more or she's going to divorce me.

Scurvy said...

I'm diggin' the mermaid painting on the wall. Nice lookin; axe too.

Becca said...

Dr. Zaius-
Yes I admit it, I love cute things and the stuffed animal collection keeps growing like all the other collections in this place.

And I will attempt to put up more pictures of my bunny Thumper, he's just camera shy. Almost everytime I get the camera out to film him doing something cute or interesting he stops immediately, looks at the camera then runs away. Silly bunny.

I never thought of Anne Hathaway as a homewrecker, it's that smile she's either too good or seriously evil.

Thanks! Painted the mermaid like 10 years ago and you can never go wrong with a red guitar, so cool!

Anonymous said...

Definitely me favorite room!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The alien in a jar.

Becca said...

There's a whole lot to like about it!

Well I had to do something with it after it landed and tried to become my friend. Like I'd ever let some creepy looking, glowy finger alien call me friend.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Nice place! You really are a pop-culture junkie, it the best sense possible, of course. I like all the posters and the collection(s) of media are quite impressive!