Monday, February 26, 2007

Did you know there was a patron saint of non-specific venereal disease?

Yes his name was Saint Fiacre. He's most renowned as the patron saint of gardeners but the rest of his patronage covers, barrenness, box makers, cab drivers, fistula, florists, gardeners, haemorrhoids, hosiers, pewterers, piles, taxi drivers, sterility, syphilis, tile makers. Piles? Fistula? WHAT THE FUCK IS FISTULA?!?

Man Christians can be crazy.


Anonymous said...

Fistula - The mating dance of lesbian koalas. Nay, not really.

Try this link, Me Becca:

Have fun readin'!

Becca said...

Ewww that sounds painful. I want to know who decides what each saint is responsible for...I mean what do fistulas have to do with taxi drivers or pewterers?

John said...

He must've been really thrilled when he found out about his appointment to the non-specific veneral disease, and it only got worse, each new category to be the patron saint of was like a twist of the knife. Hemorrhoids? Taxi drivers? Jeez, who did he piss off in heaven?

And if you were a florist, would you really want to pray to this guy? Wouldn't you feel a little ripped off that your patron saint also handled syphilus and piles?

Christians? Catholics. They're mad men.

Becca said...

No kidding talk about getting the short end of the stick! And how'd you like to be Fiacre having to listen to people's disgusting prayers to heal their hemorroids?

Now that's a crappy job.