Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter was born Linda Jean Córdoba Carter in Phoenix, Arizona. Her father, Colby Carter, was a white American, and her mother, Juana Córdoba, was Mexican. Carter grew up an avid reader of the Wonder Woman comic books. After starting as a student at Arizona State University, and after being voted the most talented student she dropped out in order to pursue a career in music. She toured as a singer with several rock groups before returning to Arizona in 1972. Later that year Carter entered a local beauty contest and achieved her first national fame by winning Miss World USA. As the United States entrant in the Miss World pageant she reached the semi-finals.

Next came acting classes in New York and eventually she began making appearances on TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch, Cos and Nakia and the B-movies including Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw, her acting career however, did not take off until she landed her starring role in the Wonder Woman television series. Her earnest performance endeared her to fans and critics and the series lasted for three seasons. Thirty years after first taking on the role, Carter continues to be closely identified with Wonder Woman, so much so that it has proved difficult for producers to find a suitable candidate to play the character in subsequent aborted productions.

The original Wonder Woman Opening

Catfight! Wonder Woman vs. Nazi Linda Day George

Carter's other credits include the title role in a 1983 biopic of Rita Hayworth and a variety of television specials. She also starred in a couple of short-lived TV series, including Partners in Crime with Loni Anderson. During the late 1970s, she recorded the album Portrait and made numerous guest appearances on variety television programs in a musical capacity. She also sang two of her songs in the Wonder Woman episode "Amazon Hot Wax."

Lynda Carter on The Muppet Show!

Lynda Carter also sang Rubber Band Man on The Muppet Show

Lynda Carter - Battle of the Network Stars

If you want to check out Lynda Carter's album visit Wonderland for samples.

Toto (Don't it feel like Paradise) By Lynda Carter

In 2001, Carter was cast in the low-budget comedy feature Super Troopers as Vermont Governor Jessman. The writer-stars of the film, the comedy troop Broken Lizard with member Jay Chandrasekhar directing, had specifically sought Carter for the role, with plans to approach other television actresses of the 1970s had Carter declined. Carter had her first appearance in a major feature film in a number of years in the 2005 big-screen remake of The Dukes of Hazzard, also directed by Chandrasekhar. She also appears in the 2005 movie Sky High as Principal Powers, the head of a school for superheroes. The script allowed for Carter to poke fun at her most famous character when she states: "I don't know what else I can do for you kids. I'm not Wonder Woman."

Carter has also done voiceover work for video games, performing voices for the Nord and Orsimer (Orc) females in two computer games from The Elder Scrolls series. These are The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. These games were developed by Bethesda Softworks, of which her husband Robert Altman (not to be confused with the late Hollywood director) is Chairman and CEO.

Found this picture on my random wanderings online, anyone happen to know if it's real? I know Lynda was naked in Bobby Joe & the Outlaw but this is not from the movie but it doesn't look fake either...


Scurvy said...

*sigh* I love Lynda Carter. So very pretty...

btw- I have my doubts about that picture, but none the less it has made my day. :D

Dr. Zaius said...

Oh my god - Howard Cosell and Ron Barret shilling offscreen for cheescake shots of Lynda Carter - was television ever really that bad? I loved the show's intro clip that you provided, and those are great clips of Lynda on the Muppet Show. It harkens back to a day when "Rubber Band Man" was a really bad song, before it was a really bad Office Max commercial.

Nothing against her as an actress, but I never really liked Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. She always seemed too "Sunday come to meeting-baptist preacher's daughter" for this particular role for my taste.

I always thought of Wonder Woman as kind of exotic and remote. Lynda Carter seemed too friendly and vulnerable for the role. But that's just me. (I must also remember that she was also working with some really, really bad scripts.)

Becca said...

Scurvy- are probably right but still...sigh...

Dr. Zaius-
I know those clips are pretty bad I wonder if they'd ever think of releasing battle on DVD? I would so watch it!

...and confession...I LOVE Ruberband Man, I have a weakness for funk and soul of the 70's and that fits somewhere inbetween I suppose.

Also while it's true the WW scripts were very awful I always loved Lynda. WW is a hard character you either have to play her strong and humorless like they do on Justice League or fun and niavely patriotic like they did on this show. I could understand how you might not enjoy it though.

Dr. Zaius said...

I actually really like funk and soul of the 70's as well, I just never like Rubber Band Man. As far as Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in concerned, I am clearly in the minority. Pretty much everybody in the world like her in the role. I am just too picky, I guess.

Thwacko said...

Wow, Linda Carter was a primo hottie in her day.

Becca said...

That she was.

Anonymous said...

The still of Lynda topless is not real; it was an early photomanipulation. Here's a fun fact: Lynda was set to be a Playboy Bunny in the 1979 movie "Apocalypse Now," but that fell through. However, this photo of her still appears in a scene (in a mock Playboy magazine being carried by the soldiers). It can be seen in the re-cut version, "Apocalypse Now Redux."

Anonymous said...

No, anonymous has his facts completely wrong. First, the photo of Lynda topless IS entirely real. Second, the photo does NOT appear in Apocalypse Now, either the original or Redux.

The photo reproduced on this site is the top half of the Playboy centerfold shoot that she did when she was originally cast in Apocalypse Now (in the role later taken over by Colleen Camp). This was all explained in Playboy magazine, when they published the later centerfold shot of Colleen Camp and the photographer discussed how Lynda Carter had already posed for him before rains interrupted the film shooting and Carter had to drop out of the movie (to take on the role of Wonder Woman, actually).

The idea that there is some kind of 'photo-manipulation' going on here is simply an urban legend that is often repeated without having a close look at the facts. Some people think that the Carter centerfold is actually Colleen Camp's Playboy centerfold but with Lynda's head affixed. But those two pictures have different shirts, different jeans, different nail polish many points of difference.

The centerfold photo carried by the soldiers in all versions of the film is that of Camp, not Carter.

Anonymous said...

The topless photo in question is definately photomanipulated. Reasons being though the size and shape of the areolas are correct. The nipples are not equal in size and quality which is too easy to ascertain by looking at Bobbi-Jo and the outlaw and various wet bathing suit shots and braless photos taken over the years. Even shots where she's nippin' out evidence this to be the solemn truth. Her boobs were one of a kind. They were so well proportioned shaped and naturally supported they were true wonders. I'd like to learn more details of the alledged photo shoot with PlayBoy in 1976 was it or 1979?

Ron S said...

Hello People! Wondy ran from 1976-
1979. So the anonymous claimant about Lynda being topless in that
photo is easily disproved by this FACT: she already was in the role of WW, and didn't have to quit to go play her as anonymous claims.
The only nudes of Lynda are in Bobbi Jo and the outlaw which she
filmed in 1975 right around her birthday which was July 24. She would have been 24 yrs old. This can be ascertained by watching the movie and comparing the calendar on display in several scenes. She was a marvel of modern female engineering though. Her BOOBs are
truly remarkable(38C's). Wish she would have ever auctioned one of her bra's off for charity. I would
have paid a fortune for it as I'm sure others would have as well.

Guisseppe said...

Lynda will forever be the epitome of Boob perfection. They were large firm well supported with large erectile areola's and nipples that she didn't display enough for the joy of all those
Daddies watching Wonder woman and pretending to suffer through it for the sake of the families viewing pleasure, all the while fantasizing about taking a look under the hood when she got gassed!

Anonymous said...

Apocalypse Now entered production on March 3, 1976. They fought with the weather for months before a typhoon completely destroyed the AN sets in May 1976. The first regular episode of Wonder Woman (after the '75 pilot movie) aired in April of 1976. The soft focus and heavily airbrushed look is very similar to mid-70s PB photography. I think everything lines up pretty well for the photos' authenticity.

Anonymous said...

Let me quote Colleen Camp from the October 1979 Issue of Playboy:

"Actually, I think I'm psychic. At first, Linda [sic] Carter was cast in the Playmate role. Playboy did a centerfold shot with her, the whole bit. But seven months later, a typhoon had destroyed all the sets and Linda couldn't continue because of Wonder Woman, I guess."

Proof that a centerfold photo was taken, BEFORE Wonder Woman, of Lynda Carter.

While some folks for some reason want to believe that SOMEBODY went through all this trouble to "photo-manipulate" Colleen's shot into Lynda is beyond me, when even Playboy printed that they had done a shot of Lynda. And it would make sense that they would use the same pose for Colleen as they did for Lynda. The photo is real.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this from a friend of my son. To clear it up that photo is not me! The real photo is
in Hugh Hefners vault with instructions it's to be destroyed upon his death. I regret some of my poor decisions in my early days
but that is how we learn- from our mistakes.

Alien Piggy said...

Oh My Gosh! The above comment by "Anonymous" uses the first person pronoun! Did Lynda Carter HERSELF write that comment?

Just in case Ms. Carter is reading this: You really are Wonder Woman and nudity is entirely un-necessary to see how beautiful you are!

I'm an adoring fan!

Anonymous said...

The photo is from the original pinups used in Apocalypse Now, when Lynda was scheduled to play one of the Playboy centerfolds visiting the troops. Due to a storm, the shoot was delayed several months and Colleen Camp filled the role ultimately.

Anonymous said...

I resent the amount of attention this phony photo has recieved. The photo is not of my body. Nobody except my husband has any kind of photo's of this nature. Can we just let it be at that? Please. And no I'm not going to sell any bra's or wonderwoman memoribilia either- ever!!!

Becca said...

Since this is the second time I have seen almost this exact comment come through on a post I will ask if you'd like me to take down the fake nude picture. I'm happy to do so if it makes you uncomfortable knowing it's out there. I really had no intentions of offending anyone by posting that picture.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Due her recent death, I have to bring this up. How did Farrah Fawcetts nipples get so much larger? Is it from child birth? repeated super sucker application? what???

Anonymous said...

Is that Becca in the pic? I'll buy your books!!!!!

OBloodyHell said...

You guys finally got most of it correct, I believe.

Ms. Carter WAS originally to play the Colleen Camp "Playmate" role in Apocalypse Now, and purportedly a PB-style centerfold shoot WAS done (The role was also a notably larger role, as I understand it, but much of that was lost on the editing room floor. No idea if it was restored in the later DirCut releases or not), but, due to the destruction of the set, and some changes to the requirements, all the footage involving Carter was reshot with Colleen Camp in the role, when Carter's subsequent Wonder Woman role prevented her from following through (given the WWoman requirements, it may well have been also done so her CF would not get released, as well) -- that is, Carter's agent and the producers of WW may have wanted to get her out of that still-minor role to avoid the controversy affecting public perception of the time.

That picture (actually a full-body shot in PB CF style) surfaced a couple years after (around the time the film was finally released) claiming to be the actual CF shot. I recall hearing that it was an unargued photomanip at the time, and never heard that claim refuted by a reliable source. Only a few people at Pby can possibly claim true knowledge otherwise, and either they ain't talking or They Might Be Lying. Hef has never openly acked it as the actual photo, and it is claimed that the photo is locked in PB's vaults never to be released.

Anonymous said...

That photo is not me!!

OBloodyHell said...

The above comment IS me.

Don't be a silly piggy.


Frank P said...

I just have the Wonder Woman tune going around in my head now... thanks for that! :-)
Frank @ Payday Loans

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david_b said...

Well..., getting back to Network Stars footage.., I attended a Space:1999 con down in Tampa in 2006 where one of her swimming competitors spoke at (the lovely Jill Townsend), and she recalls the day of the competition vividly.

Jill was wide-eyed surprised at the Lynda's swimsuit adjusting footage being aired, typically since that type of footage doesn't make it to the final broadcast.

Her husband apparently bought a tape of it somewhere and shows it on occasion, especially at Jill's expense since she never claimed to be that good of an athlete..

I believe we ALL can thank the censors for allowing Ms Carter's adjusting to be.. enjoyed.

It's such a shame this type of entertainment isn't vogue anymore. It was great fun to see Robett Conrad square off against Gabe Kaplan after events, etc..

Ah, memories.

Becca said...

Great story! Jiggling in all formats must be preserved ;)

And they keep trying to bring stuff like this back and it's always such a train wreck! Every few years there's a Circus of the stars or something similar. I remember I never missed it as a kid though.

Anonymous said...

You want to see what appears to be Lynda Carter topless check out the beginning of "The Spy Who Loved Me." Look to the left as the British submariner sleepily walks by some centerfold. She sure looks like Lynda Carter....fine shot whoever it is. Freeze the shot and tell me its not her with confidence....

Anonymous said...

This is obviously a fake (it's just a flipped version of the Colleen Camp photo), but I believe there are photos out there of a young, nude Lynda Carter.

The father of a high school buddy was a photographer (mostly nudes). During the height of the WW series he would brag (while drunk) about how he had photographed a young Carter in the nude - before she was ever famous.

We tore that house apart one day looking for the photos - we thought we could make a fortune! But to no avail. They may exist, but I'm sure he would have sold out the rights given the opportunity - likely to Lynda.

So the other Anon could be right, her husband has them :)

Anonymous said...

It's not a flipped version of the Colleen Camp photo. If that were the case, everything but the face or head would be the same. In fact, lots and lots of details are different: details of the clothes, hands, background. It's clearly an entirely different photo, though posed very similarly.

There's a good a reason it looks similar, but isn't the same. Here's what happened:
- Lynda cast in movie; they shot topless centerfold of her to be used in the background of some scenes, and in the downed helicopter scene (which appears in Apocalypse Now Redux, but was cut from the original release).
- Centerfold appeared in the background of some footage shot before the storm disrupted shooting.
- When storm delayed shooting, Lynda left and was replaced by Colleen Camp.
- They shot topless centerfold of Colleen Camp.
- In order to match existing footage (with Lynda Carter centerfold in background) and new footage - particularly the downed helicopter scene - they made the Colleen centerfold look as much like the Lynda centerfold as possible.
But - as mentioned - the two centerfolds are, indeed, two separate photos, of different people, with different bodies, wearing different (but similar) wardrobe against a different (but similar) background.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Carter claims she never wanted to be a sex object however she showed her pokies in Bobbie Jo & the Outlaw,battle of the network stars. Two of her bra's have been sold on eBay,not to mention the WW suit,is famous for her WW cameltoe,repeatedly being knocked out on WW to sexualize viewers etc.. Were these all innocent accidents? I don't buy it!��

Anonymous said...

Lynda Carter is da Boobie Bomb!

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