Monday, February 05, 2007

Suffering Sappho is it Over?!?

Wonder Woman week has ended but if you still can't get enough of here are some Wonderriffic links to enjoy!

Dita Von Teese as Wonder Woman my contribution to the photoshopped Wonder Woman costume community. Speaking of fun with photoshop Zaius Nation has a fun photoshopped Pelosi as Wonder Woman. Great!

Visit What WERE They Thinking? for an excellent analysis of just how lame the Wonder Woman comics could get. Thanks to The Last Visible Blog for linking it originally.

At Fat Wonder Woman they answer the age old question...Just what would the Amazon Princess look like if she where fat? Lots of great illustrations from well-known comic illustrators to enjoy here.

Do you have the urge to relive the television series? is selling all 3 seasons of Lynda Carter's acting opus together or separate! It's worth buying them just to see Martin Mull as the villainous Pied Piper.

The Absorbascon has an excellent tribute to some of the best singing and dancing scenes from the Wonder Woman comic. Yes I said singing and dancing.

Electronic Cerebrectomy has some good news...apparently Joss Whedon dropped out of the proposed Wonder Woman movie! Hooray, what a way to end the week!

it also means it's time for a new banner!


Anonymous said...

oh man - i've been moving so I missed it! And I could've contributed too!!! I just launched a new site (well a couple of weeks ago now) that deals with heroines in pop culture and one of the stories so far is about wonder woman!!!

Actually Becca we should talk about you contributing!!

Dr. Zaius said...
looks like an interesting site.

Well, Becca, you must have been working on Wonder Woman Week for quite a while. I am going to miss it! I think that we all appreciate the effort that you put into it.

Dita Von Teese as Wonder Woman is perfect - seamless. You would never know that it was a composite, sensai. You are the master.

The links on this post go to some great comic blogs that will take me forever to pore over! Now I will never get my homework done.

"The Fat Wonder Woman Blog" - Ouch!

Becca said...

Sorry you missed the fun but please feel free to check out the archives!

Pop Culture Heroines is a great site so far and I would love to contribute. I found the contact me on Quit Your Day Job so I'll drop you a line.

Dr. Zaius-
Thanks for the thanks it was a lot of fun to do and it's inspired me to try more theme weeks in the future.

And thanks for your kind words on Dita!

Oh and if you want to check out another fun comics blog try...'s pretty fun!