Monday, February 19, 2007

Why does this sort of thing still happen in the world?

Relatively unknown Thai actress Chotiros Suriyawong has caused a huge national public outcry after wearing this to Thailand's Golden Swan Awards (the equivalent of the Oscars):

The dress is said to have been inspired by Elizabeth Hurley's famous Versace safety-pin dress, which grabbed the spotlight for the British beauty when she wore it to a London film premiere in 1994.

For the 22 year-old liberal arts major at Thammasat University (one of the country's most respected academic institutions) all the attention is very unwelcome and has caused her to be reprimanded by her production company and ordered by her university to do 15 days of community service and make a public apology for her attire. Even the Culture Ministry weighed in, calling Chotiros' choice of dress "very inappropriate" and the wrong message for a public role model to send to young Thais.

Because of all the public scandal she was forced to repent and acknowledge her wrongdoing, and has been edited out of a small role in an upcoming film.

"I don't want my actresses to dress that way," Somsak Techaratanaprasert, president of the Sahamongkol film production house, was quoted as saying by the Thai-language Khao Sod newspaper. "We are not a porn production house and it goes against Thai culture."

A teary-eyed Chotiros held a news conference with university deans earlier this week to explain herself.

"I feel very guilty about what happened. I want to apologize," said Chotiros, in a white button-down shirt and cardigan, her hair pulled back demurely into a loose bun. "I didn't know it was going to be such a big deal."

"Society feels this is a disgrace and her actions have affected the reputation of this university," Suraphol Nitikraipot, rector of Thammasat, was quoted as saying by The Nation newspaper.

All because of a woman in a dress.

So what do you suppose happens when a male Thai actor reveals an equal amount of flesh? Nothing apparently here are some pictures of current male Thai actors.

Lift Oil

Nattawut Skidjai

Ananda Everingham

Can you say double standard? I bet none of these guys are getting edited out of their movies.


Fonzi said...

You should see the covers of the Thai fashion magazines, for men and women. She is overdressed compared to them.

You have to understand. Thailand is a country of hypocrites.

There are brothels on every street corner and porn DVDs are hocked in front of kids on the sidewalk for a couple bucks.

Also, she was allegedly flashing the cootch a little ala Britney, which is what really made this into a big story.

Scurvy said...

All I have ever head about Thailand is how huge the sex industry is there, so I am a little suprised by this prudish behavior. You'd think people had never seen a womans body before. I don't really see the problem. She's covered right?? Oh well. Too bad they can't see her and just eave it at the fact that she has a beautiful figure, has every right to show it off, and looks damn sexy in that dress. I am sure at some point perhaps her lady bits probably were visible, but that dress doesn't really allow room for underoos. Oh well. More power to her.

MC said...

That is a very flattering dress, and now we all know her name(though I can't pronounce it, I am sure her countrymen can).

nouseforaname said...

that dress is hot... but at least people are making a conscious effort to portray positive images to young women. In a world of mixed messages- regardless of how mixed this seems to be as well at least there was an effort.... we need more of that right here...

Dr. Zaius said...

Maybe she should shave her head like Britney Spears? Then she will get some respect. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Re Fonzi, she has been forced to show that the dress actually has 'sewn-in' underwear (Google 'Thai actress dressed down for revealing gown'). For more pictures Google 'Sexy étudiante Thailandaise réprimandée pour avoir dévoilé ses charmes' or 'Sexy dress Thai student actress Chotiros Suriyawong'

Becca said...

Allow me to be pervy for a minute...

"Also, she was allegedly flashing the cootch a little ala Britney, which is what really made this into a big story."

How come no one got a picture of that?

"All I have ever head about Thailand is how huge the sex industry is there, so I am a little suprised by this prudish behavior."

That's what I thought too! And I agree she's covered, why is this such a huge problem? Even if she did flash a little skin or more, big deal! It's just the human body, it's a beautiful thing!

Very flattering!

Yeah, let me offer a public thank you to the ladies around the world breaking social taboo to create a better life for all us women.

Dr. Zaius-
Man she'd look really foxy with a shaved head. Just like Britney!

Ahhh so that's why there are no ...revealing... pictures for viewing out there.

Anonymous said...

She's screaming for attention. No matter what, she's still ugly. I don't agree with what's going on, but the girl should have known better because she's no stranger to the country. If they have so much power to control what they think is inappropriate, they should think about the sex industry in Bangcock. She does look like a porn star. There's sexy and that is sleezy. That will bring out the dogs that only want a one night stand with her. It's negative attention. When I went to Thailand this one taxi driver got the nerve to get angry at me because I said he was charging me too much. They don't even know their way to their own country because they have no or hardly any education. He stated that he has to actually work for his money (implying I'm a hooker). I was dress in a brand name jean and an exotic shirt. There was nothing slutty about my look. He also stated that just because you're sexy it doesn't mean you can say anything. I just let him win. What he doesn't know about me is that I w'm 33 years old, but I look like I'm 18-25 years old. I have 6 years of college education and that's why I could stay in an expensive hotel. I even had another taxi driver that wanted to cheat on his wife with me!! I said, "I'm not that kind of girl." I just feel for the poor people that they seem to not care about. I will be back to build them an orphanage and to improve the childrens life. Shouldn't that be a subject that this superficial industry and country should worry about first?