Friday, February 02, 2007

Wonder Woman as Illustrated by George Perez

George Pérez is a Puerto Rican-American illustrator and writer of comic books. Along with John Byrne, he was arguably the most popular and influential artist in American comic books in the 1980s. He primarily illustrates superhero comics, mainly published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and is known for his clean, dynamic, yet ornate style, with a strong emphasis on group superhero action scenes.

Wonder Woman by George Perez


Scurvy said...

I really admire Perez' work a great deal. It's very clean and consistent, and he was one of the illustrators that inspired me when I was younger and trying to find my own style of art.

Dr. Zaius said...

You can get lost forever in the lower montage image. If you look center right, there is a small picture of Diana as a cheerleader! I think that image is even more jarring than Wonder Woman riding a kanagroo, lower right.

Becca said...

Clean and precise you can't say that about alot of illustrators in the comics field. He really is a wonderful artist.

Dr. Zauis-
I know there's so much to look at I love it! I hadn't even noticed the cheerleader til you pointed it out. And god that does look like a kangaroo! My favorite part is the old school Etta Candy in the uper left corner.