Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wonder Woman Comic Book Covers: Part 2

Here is part 2 of my favorite Wonder Woman covers.

Wonder Woman #138- Seriously kite of doom? Wonder Woman family? They got way too carried away with this family stuff at DC. Anyone else remember the Batman family?

Wonder Woman #151- "Lil ole goey monster me wants Wonder Girl be mine." Ouch.

Wonder Woman #155- Gosh I hate it when this happens!

Wonder Woman #158- Stereotypes abound on this cover, Egg Fu is so wrong. Can anyone else say yellow menace? Wonder Woman could.

Wonder Woman #165- And here it is by issue 165 they were out of ideas. Seriously Paperman? What threat could a giant piece of newspaper possibly pose?

Wonder Woman #178-After Paperman I guess they just had no where else to go, but can they really call it "new" when they are just ripping off the Emma Peel character from The Avengers?

Wonder Woman #180- "Steve what have I done to you?" You killed him out of boredom, bring back the bustier and bracelets!

Wonder Woman #189- Red for death...? What like red as in blood? Or red as in the Japanese rising sun? You be the jugde.

Wonder Woman #192- This is a mixed bag of crazieness; first off what the hell are they wearing? Secondly why is there a guy being crucified in the background?

Wonder Woman #200- The perils of Wonder Woman...what the hell is that woman gonna do to Diana?

Wonder Woman #212- Hooray back to classic Diana! Wonder Woman crying?

Wonder Woman #263- Not alot has changed since the 40's.

Wonder Woman #1- This is the first book in the new series and it has some terriffic Perez art.

Wonder Woman #86- There is a suprising amount of tenticle bondage on covers in the 80's & 90's, here's just one example.

Wonder Woman #126- I love the expression on her face.

Wonder Woman #132- This is wrong on so many levels.

Wonder Woman #139- A great Adam Hughes cover.

Wonder Woman #141- I still think Wonder Woman and Superman should get together.

Wonder Woman #164- A bold new direction with bats? Does that mena she's done with Superman?

Wonder Woman #184- Another fantastic Hughes cover.

Wonder Woman #210- An attempt to get back to her roots.

Wonder Woman #222- Cat fight!

Wonder Woman #225- I just love this one.

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Scurvy said...

There are some great covers here. Some of the white suit era ones had some great bondage scenes.

Is it wrong that I think Cheetah is sorta sexy? LOL!