Saturday, March 31, 2007

So much Harry Potter news!

First, book seven has a cover! Here is a picture of the full wrap around dust jacket.

And then I see they've realized all these fab character shots to promote the fifth film! Excellent!

And a couple of stills from the movie...

This summer is going to be great!

New Banner

Time for an Easter banner!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Toy Review: MyScene I Love My Friends Dolls and Fisher-Price Mega T-Rex

In case you've never read this blog before I love toys! And since I am obsessed with collecting them I've decided to do a new semi-regular review of the toys I buy. I will be rating each item on it's package design, appearance, toy design, playability factor and more if the toy warrants it...

MyScene I Love (heart) My Friends Dolls
After randomly discovering the MyScene Roller Girls a couple of months ago I have been steadily checking out the Barbie section of the store looking for more slutty goodness and then this week I found the MyScene I Love My Friends Dolls.

This is a two pack featuring the MyScene girls Chelsea and Nolee (really in the history of the universe has anyone in the world named their kid Nolee?) in Boho fashion! Wow are there still boho's out there? I kind of thought that died off in the 90's. In anycase Nolee (the Asian looking one) does look very boho in her blue screenprint tank-top and jean shorts but the red-headed Chelsea looks a little more like an upper-class floozy suburban mom from the 70's.

The package design for these dolls is great. The dolls are carded on sky blue and boxed in molded plastic full of swirls and flowers...very boho. The plastic box even has an easy to tear open perferated panel on the back. But there's about a half an inch of plastic left on the back that I had to cut through with scissors, then even with all four corners cut open it was a struggle to break free. Then when you finally break the dolls free of the plastic box you'll need to cut through 8 plastic strips holding the dolls down and 9 on the accessories. There is also tape holding the dolls and the paper accessories down and even with careful pulling I ripped the paper accessories and part of the design on Nolee's shirt peeled off! So while the package looks great it's a pain in the ass to get these dolls out! So over all the packaging rates a 5 out of 10.

The dolls however once freed from their plastic prison are really quite awesome; the paint job on their faces is cute, their outfits are sweet, they lots of realistic hair (they even have real eyelashes!), cute jewelry and they have those MyScene doll shoes that look silly but actually help them to stand on their own. If I have one complaint it's the really ugly and strange looking knot things on the bottom of Nolee's pants. Yuck I cut those things right off! Appearance of the dolls alone rates a 10 out of 10 but like most Barbie dolls they are not very flexible and that costs them a point here so the dolls earn a 9 out of 10.

The dolls don't come with many accessories; two purses, a make-up compact, a single top and some silly paper scrapbook things. While I love getting accessories in my boxes of dolls I wish Matel would have made more of an effort here. For instance there are two dolls here at least include two tops! Also included are two heart-charmed friendship necklaces intended for you and a friend. All I have to say is one heart is smaller than the other and I can really see a huge fight breaking out over who gets to wear which. Over all the accessories rate a 5 out of 10.

Packaging 5 out of 10
Dolls 9 out of 10
Accessories 5 out of 10

So when everything is considered the dolls rate a 6.3 out of 10. Man I really thought they would score higher they are just so damn pretty to look at!

Tip: Want to make your MyScene dolls look even sluttier? Add seed beads under their shirts to created a nipple effect or add cotton to create a pregnant at 17 look.

Fisher-Price Mega T-Rex
Now this toy is very cool a large green T-Rex (also available in red) press a button on his tale and not only does he roar and move but his eyes glow bright red! Awesome!

The packaging is pretty standard for a toy like this, boxy on the bottom and open on top so you can try this dinosaur out in the store. Getting it out of the box is a little bit of a trick however you have to cut through dual layer card board to get to 4 giant metal twist ties that are not twisted but actually tied into knots and taped down. So in order to get the toy out your basically cutting through metal. Hard on the scissors but a little easier than I thought it would be. The packaging rates 7 out of 10.

The toy itself is great, something like 14 inches tall made of a solid green plastic with yellow and orange strips down his back. Pressing a button on his tale gets him animated, he moves, he roars and his eyes glow red...unfortunately you have to keep holding the button down as long as you want him to move. It's not enough to color my impression of this truely incredible toy! I rate the toy itself 10 out of 10.

Click here to watch a video I took of the beastie:

Someone else loaded a video of the red version:

Packaging 7 out of 10
Toy 10 out of 10

When all is said and done the Fisher price mea T-Rex earns an 8.5, this is one sweet toy!

Tip: Drag out your action figures/ dolls for a whole lost world of fun!

The Magazine Covers of Enoch Bolles

Some magazine covers by the great pin-up artist Enoch Bolles

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Black Sheep Trailer

A friend brought this trailer for the Kiwi made Black Sheep to my attention and I'm glad he did. This movie looks crazy but alot of fun along the same lines of Brain Dead or Bad Taste (and speaking of Peter Jackson Weta did the effects). This is great, how can go wrong with killer sheep? Check it out.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Stardust Trailer!

The trailer for the new film based on Neil Gaiman's book Stardust was just released and let me tell you it's really fucking cool! Seems like this will be a great fantasy movie in the same vein as The Princess Bride. Check it out.

Rocket Man!

I love celebrities who try to have a singing career on top of their acting careers. Sometimes they can pull it off but far more often it's disasterous. It's anyones guess who the worst celebrity singer is I vote for John Wayne or Telly Savalis but I think most people would say William Shatner. Shatner can't sing a lick but he adds so much to the performance he's always a delight to listen to or watch (for myself at least).

William Shatner singing Rocket Man (The strangest part of this one is that he is introduced by Bernie Taupin the guy who co-wrote the song with Elton John. I wonder if he died a little inside when he watch the performance from backstage.

William Shatner singing Taxi (yes the Harry Chapin song)

Shatner Raps (in track suit and gold chains...much fun to be had)

William Shatner singing How to Handle a Woman from Camelot (Man he really wanted to be Richard Burton didn't he?)

William Shatner singing It Was a very Good Year

William Shatner Busts a Move with Priceline

William Shatner singing Common People with Joe Jackson and Ben Folds (This is so fucking awesome!)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Who's Jeff Vader?

Some industrious fanboys have filmed some great visuals to go along with an Eddie Izzard bit about the Death Star canteen. Really funny.

This is it the last of my toy collection posts.

Continuing with the photodocumentation of all the loose toys in the apartment here is part 7&8: Muppets! and Zim, Ducks and Animals. If all these posts have taught me one thing it's that man there really are alot of toys in this apartment.

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Even more toys!

Continuing with the photodocumentation of all the loose toys in the apartment here is part 6: Lord of the Rings. The best part of the Treebeard toy is that he talks...very cool!

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Friday, March 23, 2007


Since accidentily discovering that Erin Esurance hentei the other day I've developed an odd interest in finding strange hentei. Well maybe you won't think it's strange but I was amused.

Frankie from Fosters, I just think that Mojo Jojo vibrator is so damn cute!

Oh this is just sooooo wrong!

I knew Veronica was a tiger in the sack.

This picture of the Power Puff Girls is so cute!

More to come eventually!