Saturday, March 17, 2007

Banned From SNL

This is kind of an interesting story I found about people who have been banned from Saturday Night Live and why. Some I knew, some I didn't, pretty interesting tho.


MC said...

I say good riddance to Chevy Chase... really.

Dr. Zaius said...

Here is the video of and the wikipedia on the infamous Elvis Costello performance. I loved it!

Chevy Chase was very funny for about a year, then he went down hill like so many other comedians. I don't know why that happens.

Cast member Janeane Garofalo had some problems with the other cast members, as well.

Becca said...

I agree! Chevy Chase now there's a casebook story for how letting ego outgrow your talent can ruin your career.

Becca said...

Dr. Zaius-
I caught the clip in a rerun or on a TV special. I can really respect Elvis Costello for doing that.

Have you read Live From New York by Tom Shales? It really is pretty definitive on SNL. Great book.

John said...

I always thought that SNL was a lame institutional piece of crap masquerading as dangerous and this is a pretty good list of reasons why I'm of that opinion!