Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 1- The Cannonball Run of the Living Dead

The wait is over, the crossover has begun! Here is the first post from The Skullcave, The Cannonball Run of the Living Dead. Check out Quit Your Day Job for Lee's first post, a highly informative interview with Lars Huanthe the director of The Texas Ewok Massacre. Very funny stuff!

Cast: Matthew McConaughey as J.J. McClure Jr., Maggie Gyllenhaal as Tilda West, Joe Montegna as Anthony Spinozzi, with Dom Deluise as General Chaos, Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Riley and Burt Reynolds as the ghost J.J. McClure

The future is dark, especially at night!

In the year 2025 millions of American citizens are killed in a chain of nuclear explosions that blow the country back into the dark ages! The few who are lucky to survive migrate to the last known cities on the continent; New York and Los Angeles, but between these two havens lies a vast barren wasteland filled with dangers the human mind cannot comprehend! A combination of the radioactive fall-out from the blasts as well as greenhouse gasses have caused the dead to rise from the grave and like all zombies and stranded rugby teams from Uruguay they have an uncontrollable urge to consume human flesh.

Tilda West (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is a young single mother stripping in a mafia run nightclub to support herself and her autistic son Bobby. Originally from Boston, the pair had fought their way into the city after the holocaust. Working for the mafia as an exotic dancer wasn’t exactly what she had in mind but it gave her enough money to keep them fed and sheltered. When Bobby witnesses the mafia hit of a powerful politician he becomes a target and she is forced to turn her world upside down to keep her son safe.

Before the holocaust hit J.J. McClure Jr. (Matthew McConaughey) was one of NASCAR’s most successful racers. When the bombs struck they destroyed more than his chances to win that 4th consecutive Indy 500, they took his wife and four children. It was a broken man that ended up in New York City, a man who swore he’d never drive again in honor of his fallen family’s memory…but a chance meeting with a frantic, fleeing Tilda inadvertently puts J.J. behind the wheel again. Now the race is on as the trio must escape to LA packed in his #36 stock car facing the vast damaged landscape and zombie infested nation.

Of course Zombies aren’t the only danger they must face! A road block strands them in Tennessee and they end up running for their lives straight into the arms of a nihilistic race of half-machine, half-human lead by the evil auto mechanic General Chaos. Using his army of mutant men Chaos plans to invade New York to overthrow its leaders and take the city.

The trio just manages to escape the clutches of General Chaos in a an old rusted out, heavily modified Dodge Tradesman Van hours before he and his army leave for their conquest of New York. Now a new race is on! Will the trio be able to warn the city of the invasion in time? And will the surprise help of an army of mafia hit men be enough to stop Chaos and his metal men?

Don’t leave the theater before the credits roll or you’ll miss out on one terrific blooper reel sequence!


Anonymous said...

Wacky gag reel in the credits LOL I'm just picturing the Dom Deluise scene where his cyborg eye won't look straight! Oh the humanity!

I hope Maggie dresses up like a nun at one stage though!

Thwacko said...

I'd see that film if Mr. McConaughey wasn't in it. ;)

Scurvy said...

Y'know, you just sucessfully combined two of my favorite things. The Cannonball Run and Zombie horror! Excellent choice. (yes I actually like TCR)
Hell I'd go see this just for the van alone! Very infrequently does Hollywood combine vans and zombies. Dawn of the Dead (78) comes to mind...and that's about it. When I make my Zombie film you can bet it will be chock full of vans and pig intestine.

Becca said...

It wouldn't be a proper Cannonball Run movie without someone dressing as a nun!

Poor McConaughey...But man 'o' man has that dude starred in some crap!

Zombies + Vans + Pig Intestines = AWESOME! Lets send Tom Savini the idea today!

Anonymous said...