Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The Grindhouse is almost here (it opens on April 6th) and I just discovered they made action figures!

There is also a Grindhouse pictorial in the upcoming issue of Maxim featuring is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rose McGowan and Fergie. Ugh Fergie is in the movie? CRAP! Here are promo shots of Mary Elizabeth and Rose...sorry no Fergie...The Skullcave is a Fergie-free zone.


MC said...

Perhaps those worms shall emerge from Fergie's pussoir on screen... after all, it is the zombie movie.

Becca said...

Ewwwwww the Fergie worms!

But can't you just picture her having genital worms? God she's so groos to look at.

MC said...

Put it this way... I still have nightmares from that stupid London Bridge song... *shudder*