Friday, March 23, 2007


Since accidentily discovering that Erin Esurance hentei the other day I've developed an odd interest in finding strange hentei. Well maybe you won't think it's strange but I was amused.

Frankie from Fosters, I just think that Mojo Jojo vibrator is so damn cute!

Oh this is just sooooo wrong!

I knew Veronica was a tiger in the sack.

This picture of the Power Puff Girls is so cute!

More to come eventually!


PJ said...

Wow, I'd love a mojojojo-ing!

Becca said...

Me too he looks like a very capible monkey.

Madcap said...

It's actually spelled hentai. That should get you more results. Also if you want guy/guy it's called yaoi, and girl/girl is called yuri. enjoy ;P