Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun stuff to put in my sidebar!

A very special thanks to photoshop genius and orangutan bloggerDr. Zaius who whipped up this fun little milk carton after my dissapearance last week.

and because you rock Doctor, here is a special thank you.

Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off!

Also I've been wanting to thank Samuraifrog for whipping up this little gem a phony concert ticket for Buckaroo Bonzai and the Hong Kong Caviliers...and I'll be impressed if anyone out there knows who the opening act is.

and a special thank you for the Samurai.

Star Trek Meets Monty Python

I was a little concerned this would be very lame when I saw the title but it's actually very funny! Check it out.

and if you want more Star Trek fun check out Semaj's Blog for a rolicking Riker good time! Poor, poor Frakes I can't belive they made him do this so late into the series! How petheta-sad!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Has it really been a week?

First off let me apologize for going a full week since posting. Without going into a long exploration of why let me just say I've been feeling pretty down the last week and just...well...this isn't one of those blogs and I won't get into it. In any case I'm back! and plan to get back to regular posting.

It's been a busy weekend so far! Those of you who've been reading for awhile know I've been trying to get my own photography studio going (it has a name now...Wink Studios click the link to some of my work so far) and I had my second scheduled proffessional photoshoot yesterday photographing 6 models for the Maverick Modeling Agency it was challenging but alot of fun!

Here is the first photo I've retouched and my personal favorite. You can tell the model is a little nervous and she looks really frightened but the emotion is so real, it just made for an exceptional shot.

Model: Jasmyn

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wonder Woman? in I wonder which porno this woman appeared in before she made this audition tape for Joss Whedon's now failed Wonder Woman. Thanks to Craig Yoe for originally posting this.

Vintage Hires Rootbeer Ads

This kid frightens me...alot...

And so does this one! Ugh!

Ewwww!!! Real root juices? I do like rootbeer quite a bit but just thinking about those root juices has kind of turned me off to rootbeer.

"Darling you can't disguise the flavor of real root juices!"

Hires to you? Ugh...

Bob Hope drinks Hires and so should you! You should also go and see his latest movie Bachelor in Paradise from MGM!

Ava Rose

What a lovely pet! And I mean Penthouse pet not like the kind of pet you keep in a cage.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Behind Blue Eyes

Why didn't anyone tell me there was a Rutger Hauer autobiography coming out next week?

All Those Moments by Rutger Hauer

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thumper and His Toy

Here's a video of my pet rabbit Thumper running around my feet playing with his toy ring. I bet you didn't know bunnies carried toys in their mouths.

Quentin is the man...

I found this over at Semaj's Blog Your Blog and had to share it. The video starts off as a fluffy publicity Quentin Tarantino interview and devolves into the crazily hatted interviewer calling Kill Bill "souless". Check it out, it's quite entertaining.

I'm a pretty big fan of Tarantino and I must say I have no clue what she's talking about. I was watching movies that were far more violent than Kill Bill at 12 and I haven't mauled anyone walking down the street. Also she gives Quentin a hard time about her dislike of his Kill Bill hero The Bride and I think it's unfair. Quentin is one of the few directors working today who makes stories with strong women who can do anything a man could...sometimes better.

Frankly as a girl I'm getting really sick of the two kinds of movies Hollywood makes about women these days; the romantic comedy usually with someone dull like Jennifer Anniston or the older men should appreciate older women movies usually with Diane Keaton or Joan Allen. What's wrong with watching a girl kick some ass or come out on top without having to fall in love with someone?

Kate Beckinsale? WTF?

Kate Beckinsale as Barbarella? That's who they say may get the part now? Somehow she's worse than Sienna Miller. Peter Webber who directed one of my favorites Girl with a Pearl Earring is set to direct, but without a fabulous lead why bother make this.

and what's this about Laurence Kasden writing a script for a remake of Clash of the Titans? Yes that Clash of the Titans, you know the Harryhausen classic from 1981. 81's Clash only works as pure brilliant cheese with great stop-motion effects, so unless he's planning huge changes for the story and tone I just don't think a remake will work.

Sometimes Hollywood really depresses me...

Monday, April 16, 2007

A new banner by Lee!

Lee from Quit Your Day Job took time out of his busy day to make this very awesome Aliens banner, that is too cool for words. Thank you Lee for your mad banner skills! If you've never visited Quit Your Day Job you should check it out, currently he's got a pretty neat post up about who could potentially play Batman in a Dark Knight Returns movie.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


For years they have been discussing a possible Barbarella remake. First off let me ask why bother, it's great movie and I think any attempt to remake it would be pointless, but I just read a news story that they are now considering casting Sienna Miller in the lead. Sienna Miller? Sienna Miller? Why lord why? She's soooooo boring! And not in a good way.

Producers say:
“Sienna is at the top of our wish list and discussions are under way,” revealed a source close to the film’s makers. “Not only is she gorgeous but she is a modern, sassy girl with just the right image. Like the young Jane Fonda she combines sex appeal and acting ability.”

They also say the new film will keep the sex and special effects, while playing down the camp quality that has dated the picture. The camp quality is the thing that makes it so enjoyable after 40 years.

Don't worry Jane no one can even touch your performance.

The Lovely Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford in some classic pin-up poses.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vintage Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers

Before they had cheesy overly airbrushed and slenderized pictures of celebrities on every issue, Cosmopolitan actually used to have some pretty neat painted covers.

And a cool Jackie Gleeson...

Billie Piper

Watching the new Dr. Who series really made me appreciate Billy Piper.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Overlooked Movies: Ladyhawke

"I always considered Rutger as a heavy son-of-a-bitch, I couldn't see him as a real macho hero, the whole make-my-day kind of thing." ~Richard Donner

Philipe Gastone, a thief, escapes from the dungeon at Aquila, sparking a manhunt. He is nearly captured when Captain Navarre befriends him. Navarre has been hunted by the Bishop's men for two years, ever since he escaped with the Lady Isabeau who the Bishop has lusted after. Navarre and Isabeau have a curse that the Bishop has placed on them that causes Navarre to be a wolf during the night and Isabeau to be a hawk during the day. Navarre insists that Philipe help him re-enter the city to help him kill the heavily guarded Bishop.

A Magical Mystical Adventure
CURSED FOR ETERNITY...No force in Heaven will release them. No power on Earth can save them.

Fun Trivia:
Richard Donner originally wanted to cast Sean Connery as Navarre but since he was filming Never Say Never Again the part went to a younger actor Kurt Russell and Rutger Hauer was approached to play the evil captain of the guard. Rutger wasn't interested in his offered role, but expressed interest in playing Navarre. When Russell dropped out a few days before principle photography began (apparently he and Donner had creative differences), the part was handed to Hauer.

The breed of horse that Navarre rides is a Friesian Stallion named Othello that originated from the Netherlands, Hauer's native country. The breed was popular among medieval knights. Othello has recently passed away.

Matthew Broderick has an allergy to horses...poor Othello!

Warner falsely marketed the movie as being based on a true medieval legend. The screenwriter Edward Khmara took the issue to the Writers Guild Association and was awarded a cash settlement from Warner, but the medieval legend claim wasn't dropped.

In one scene, Navarre tells Philippe to ride his horse to Imperius' castle and slaps the horse's rear to make it ride. However, the first time the scene was filmed, Rutger Hauer slapped the horse too hard and it rode over the hill and into the horizon. The horse was too powerful for Matthew Broderick to stop and so all everyone could do was sit and wait for him to come back.

The movie is set in the South of France, and based on an actual astronomical event that occurred in 1239. Of course if the movie takes place in 1239 that means that Navarre's sword is a generation before it's time.

Apparently Hauer lost several pounds from doing the Cathedral battle scene, due to the weight of his armour and broadsword.

The sword, short sword, dagger, and crossbow from the movie are, on the wall above the fireplace in Richard Donner's family room.

Andrew Powell best known as a member of The Alan Parsons Project composed and orchestrated the score for this movie. The director Richard Donner has said he location-scouted with a steady soundtrack of Project's albums and married music style to pictures in his mind before the film was even begun. The electronic soundtrack however has drawn alot of criticism from those who feel the synthesized pieces clash with the medieval setting, though it has to be noted that the soundtrack also includes orchestral works and genuine medieval and renaissance songs. For instance the tune that Isabeau and Phillipe dance to in the stable is a genuine Italian 14th Century dance named Trotto by John Dowland.

In 1997's Conspiracy Theory, also directed by Donner, Jerry (Mel Gibson) runs into a theatre showing Ladyhawke.

Rutger Hauer on working with the hawks:
Their claws are very sharp, I noticed that right away. Their egos became very important, too. There were four hawks, actually. One was very sweet, two were so-so and the fourth was, ah, aggressive. None of them would hurt me, but when we first started shooting, the trainers warned me that if you stare at the hawks, they get uncomfortable and might go crazy. So, for the first couple of days, I was really worried every time I caught the bird looking at me.

They see everything all the time. They sit there with this amazing concentration. You can't ignore them. Besides, he was my co-star - I had to watch him. If they stare at you while you're playing a scene, you have to relate to it, otherwise you are denying the presence of the bird, and the bird is an integral character in the story. I think there were maybe 10 times where I would have loved for the bird to look at me so we could have a moment. Once the bird did, and it worked. We had a marvelous moment.

Fun Quotes:
Philippe: Sir, the truth is, I talk to God all the time, and, no offense, but he never mentioned you.

Imperius: What do you want?
Phillipe: I was told to bring you this hawk, father. It's been wounded.
Imperius: Good shot! Bring it in, we'll dine together.
Phillipe: We can't eat this hawk, father!
Imperius: What? Oh God, is it Lent again already?

Etienne Navarre: This sword has been in my family for five generations. It has never known defeat. Until now.

Etienne Navarre: This lady... Did she perhaps have a name?
Phillipe: Not that she mentioned, why?
Etienne Navarre: Well, she may wander into my dreams. Wouldn't it be nice, if I could call her by name and pretend we've met before? I've waited a long time for such a lady.

Navarre: Each generation is called upon to follow its own quest.
Phillipe: And what is your quest?
Navarre: I must kill a man.
Phillipe: Tell me--does this walking corpse have a name?

Phillipe: We have come full circle, Lord. I would like to think there is some higher meaning in this. It certainly would reflect well on You.

The Lovely Miss Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is nothing more than the perfect woman.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I know Easter was sunday but one can never have too many girls in bunny suits...

I love Kirstie Alley!

A new banner!

I'll miss, Ms. Bunny but Easter is over and it's time for a new banner.