Sunday, April 29, 2007

Has it really been a week?

First off let me apologize for going a full week since posting. Without going into a long exploration of why let me just say I've been feeling pretty down the last week and just...well...this isn't one of those blogs and I won't get into it. In any case I'm back! and plan to get back to regular posting.

It's been a busy weekend so far! Those of you who've been reading for awhile know I've been trying to get my own photography studio going (it has a name now...Wink Studios click the link to some of my work so far) and I had my second scheduled proffessional photoshoot yesterday photographing 6 models for the Maverick Modeling Agency it was challenging but alot of fun!

Here is the first photo I've retouched and my personal favorite. You can tell the model is a little nervous and she looks really frightened but the emotion is so real, it just made for an exceptional shot.

Model: Jasmyn


Dr. Zaius said...

It's about time! I almost had your picture on a milk carton. Wink Studios looks great!

John said...

Good job and good luck with everything! Sorry you've been down . . . I think I know the feeling lately.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the photo--her expression is amazing to look at. Great Job!

Semaj said...

I understand, I've been in such a funk for two weeks and haven't gotten out of it.

Congras on your studio, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Scurvy said...

Glad you're back. JUst remember when life gets you down, semi-to-fully naked women are always a good answer. :D

primalscreamx said...

Dig that this isn't 'one of those blogs'... unlike, say mine.. which occasionally is 'one of those blogs'. Glad you're back. I was wondering if you'd attracted the ire of a jealous boyfriend or had been attacked by a would-be wonder woman.
Stranger things have happened.

Becca said...

Dr. Zaius-
Damn! I would have loved to add a milk carton with my face to my collection! Thanks for the compliments on the photography!

Yeah I think it's something in the water. Luckily I had someone great to talk me out of the funk.

I know! Doesn't she look a bit like Red Riding hood about to find out why Grandma has such big teeth. Thanks!

Thanks! I will post more as time goes on cause who doesn't like to look at pretty girls!

Wisdom worthy of a great sage.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and glad to have you back!

Becca said...

I think by blog rules you are allowed to occassionally share the fun of your life on a blog. As long as the blog doesn't devolve into one long multi-post pity party. Don't worry you still rock!

And...ur...uh...that's what I have been doing narrowly avoiding the wrath of Ms. Clarke. It was a sexy Wonderous wrath.

Glad to be back! thanks!

PIPER said...


One word: Exercise. I was in a rotten funk a couple of weeks ago and exercise pulled me through.

Now let me get back to my wheat germ protein shake.

PJ said...

Glad you're back Becca! Good luck with Wink, I also like that pic. I think I'd like to advertise for a model or 2 for my own photography, I need a muse...

And I do have one of those blogs, so feel free to come over and unload there whenever you wish. :)

Anonymous said...

Dammit, Woman, iffin Th' Cap'n would have known why ye were AWOL, she would have invited ye onto th'ship while she was workin' on her full-body tan an' surfin' Bosomania!

Communication! Communication!

Becca said...

Good point I'm ashamed to admit it's been at least two weeks since I've done my regular exercises. I'll get back to that for the wheat germ...well I'll leave that to you. Thanks for the advice!

It's been alot of fun to work with models, give them my creative ideas, get their input and see which way things end up. It's the suprising accidents that make the most interesting pictures I think...but maybe that's just saying something about my talent level.

And you do not have one of those blogs, your blog rocks in so many ways, it's not just post after post about how depressing your life is. Your blog is fun!

Sigh! And what a voyage it would have been! It seems as though oggling girls with the Cap'n would be such a good time!

John said...

I saw this site with vintage Finnish pin-ups and thought you would like!

Becca said...

Oooooh! Thank you John!