Sunday, April 15, 2007


For years they have been discussing a possible Barbarella remake. First off let me ask why bother, it's great movie and I think any attempt to remake it would be pointless, but I just read a news story that they are now considering casting Sienna Miller in the lead. Sienna Miller? Sienna Miller? Why lord why? She's soooooo boring! And not in a good way.

Producers say:
“Sienna is at the top of our wish list and discussions are under way,” revealed a source close to the film’s makers. “Not only is she gorgeous but she is a modern, sassy girl with just the right image. Like the young Jane Fonda she combines sex appeal and acting ability.”

They also say the new film will keep the sex and special effects, while playing down the camp quality that has dated the picture. The camp quality is the thing that makes it so enjoyable after 40 years.

Don't worry Jane no one can even touch your performance.


Anonymous said...

Nor can anyone touch her performance in "Cat Ballou." I agree, it's horrid idea to remake "Barbarella."

Scurvy said...

I agree that a remake is a horrible idea. I have long said that there are no original ideas coming out of Hollywood anymore. It seems like everything made lately is either a remake of a TV show, movie, comic/graphic novel, or disney attractions (like Pirates for example) Not that I dislike any of these movies for being what they are, and I find many of them to be worth watching, it just bothers me that it doesn't seem like they are trying anymore. Where's Awesome-O when we need him???
I think that there are just some movies, tv shows, and even music, that made their point the first time and don't need an hip update for a groovy new audience.
Also according to IMDB, I have never seen one single thing of Sienna Miller. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

First Snake, now Barbarella!? It's just wrong all wrong. I thought Drew Barrymore was trying to make some sequels rather than a remake.

Becca said...

Jane is great in Cat Ballou, such a wonderful movie. Classic Jane was so perfect an actress.

No kidding! Hollywood has run out of ideas and it's running awful low on talent these days. I sometimes wonder though who is more to blame Hollywood for making unecessary crap or audiences for going to see it in droves.

Awesome-O we need you now more than ever!

I guess Drew just went and got too old to play that part. Sometimes I hate Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, have the French not done one? We all love Fonda's Barbarella, but it was itself a watered down version of the original comic: I want to see a film that is closer to the original, not a Barbie-version. If they think that someone as anodyne as Sienna Miller has 'just the right image' then it will be worse than the Wicker Man remake (another film Hollywood should have left alone: a low-water mark for Hollywood completely-missing-the-goddam-point-of-a-70s-film).

Becca said...

First off don't even get me started on that ridiculous remake of The Wicker Man. So pointless. Then again Hollywood seems to have forgotten that movies should have something to say aside from we want to make money off of you, come see our crap.

But back to Barbie...After years of searching I finally got my hands on a Barbarella graphic novel from the 60's last year and it was great. I highly reccomend it to anyone else who can track it down. A movie based on that comic would be fantastic; fun but a little weird.

Dr. Zaius said...

Although I am deeply sceptical, a remake of "Barbarella" might be really good. Then again, it will probably be just another "Rollerball."

"Sienna Miller?" Who is Sienna Miller? I just looked her up in Google images. I still don't know. Just some blonde it looks like.

Becca said...

Sienna Miller is boring incarnate.