Thursday, April 05, 2007

Overlooked Movies: Transylvania 6-500

"Yeah I know I'm the only person in the world who loves this movie. Not even Jeff Goldblum or Ed Begley Jr would watch this movie and I've watched the damn thing with director commentary. ~Becca on Transylvania 6-500"

Two reporters travel to a strange castle in Transylvania to investigate the apparent reappearance of Frankenstein, and encounter such kooky creatures as the sensitive Wolfman, the horny Vampiress Odette, as well as a whole cast of other weirdos.

Click here to watch a re-cut trailer for the movie that almost makes it seem I mean scarier than it already is.

WANTED: Two thrill-seeking reporters, brains optional, looking to dig up the story of the century. For information call...

Fun Trivia:
The title is a pun based on the Glen Miller tune, "Pennsylvania 6-5000".

The movie was financed by the Dow chemical company in order to spend "frozen" finances (money that couldn't be spent outside the country of origin) that the company had in Yugoslavia.


MC said...

I didn't know Dow bankrolled the film.... hmm...

Anonymous said...

Aww man it's been so long since I've seen this film I barely even remember it! Have you done Frightnight yet? I was a late comer to that.

Becca said...

Yeah...hmm indeed...

I haven't done Frightnight yet but it's on my list! I love, love, love that movie, it's a really great and forgotten horror classic...the sequel however...not so much.

PIPER said...

Ah Becca,

I too loved this movie.

A very young and very funny Michael Richards stars in this. "here, smell this."

What a bizarre cast of Goldblum and Begley.

That's wild about the Dow trivia.

Anonymous said...

Funniest part of the film:
Butler and maid, maid hands butler something.

Butler asks, "What's this for?"
Maid, "It's for you."

I know their faces can't remember their names and I'm too lazy to look it up.

Video Zeta One said...

Man, a good horror comedy is like damn Osmiridium - ultra, ultra rare. It seems like every horror comedy ever made stinks. Haunted Honeymoon, Student Bodies, Repossessd, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Love at First Bite, etc. you get the point.

There have been a few good ones, though: Young Frankenstein, Shaun of the Dead, and the first Scary Movie. Sorry, Becca, but I just can't put this one on the good list.

Wendel said...

Fun movie that you just do not see anymore.

My date and I laughed out loud when the phone rang the tune "Pennsylvania 6-5000." No one else in the theater got it.

The film showed the talent of Jeff Goldblum who rose well above the light script.

Anonymous said...

"I know their faces can't remember their names and I'm too lazy to look it up."

John Byner as the Butler and Carol Kane as the Maid, who adores him (to his annoyance). "When you come back, I'll be nu-u-ude!"

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet 1985 perfection.

Goldblum looks like he's wandered into the wrong movie in every shot he's in, Michael Richards field testing some future Kramer-isms, Geena Davis at her most luscious...John Byner, Carol Kane, scenery chewing Joseph Bologna...etc. I still watch it at last twice a year and am likely in the small minority that actually saw this in the theater(!)

Wonderful Blog you've got here btw.

PS - as mentioned, you really should do a Fright Night review (yet another 1985 classic!).

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