Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quentin is the man...

I found this over at Semaj's Blog Your Blog and had to share it. The video starts off as a fluffy publicity Quentin Tarantino interview and devolves into the crazily hatted interviewer calling Kill Bill "souless". Check it out, it's quite entertaining.

I'm a pretty big fan of Tarantino and I must say I have no clue what she's talking about. I was watching movies that were far more violent than Kill Bill at 12 and I haven't mauled anyone walking down the street. Also she gives Quentin a hard time about her dislike of his Kill Bill hero The Bride and I think it's unfair. Quentin is one of the few directors working today who makes stories with strong women who can do anything a man could...sometimes better.

Frankly as a girl I'm getting really sick of the two kinds of movies Hollywood makes about women these days; the romantic comedy usually with someone dull like Jennifer Anniston or the older men should appreciate older women movies usually with Diane Keaton or Joan Allen. What's wrong with watching a girl kick some ass or come out on top without having to fall in love with someone?


MC said...

I question if she has even seen one of the movies that influenced Kill Bill...

Scurvy said...

Wow, she clearly missed the point of these fine films. I think if a kid can't tell the difference between movies and real life by the time they are 12, it's not the movie's fault, but rather the parents for not raising them better. My favorite movie when I was 11... Dirty Harry (and then the sequels). Have I ever shot any one? No. Do I own a .44 Magnum. Hell yeah I do! :)

Mob said...

I'd give anything to know what she was thinking with the hat...I mean, she knew she was being televised right? She didn't think it was radio or something?

I don't care how wrong or right she is (but she's wrong), it's hard to listen to any voice of 'reason' in a silly get-up, y'know?

Becca said...

I belive you are right sir.

No kidding! Kids are way smarter than people think. At least the ones who were raised right.

Yeah that hat is fucking crazy. It sure is hard to take her seriously in that ridiculous get up.

PIPER said...

This is funny and JAN is a moron.

I will have to say I wouldn't let my 12 year old daughter watch it, but that neither here nor there. Kill Bill is a great movie whether JAN in her bad hat thinks so or not. It's obvious that she had an agenda when she started and Quentin quickly picked up on it and didn't give a shit.

I also loved the awkwardness of when they cut back to the studio.

Great video