Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thumper and His Toy

Here's a video of my pet rabbit Thumper running around my feet playing with his toy ring. I bet you didn't know bunnies carried toys in their mouths.


MC said...

Geek alert(for myself):

Ironically enough, the scene before in the Simpsons episode that was playing in the background as you spun around while filming your bunny featured a blackboard with two names written on it... one was Tammy, and the other was Quentin... and the entry after this is about... hmmm... interesting how that works out.

Scurvy said...

That was really funny with the Simpsons going in the background.

"I start fires" LOL

Dr. Zaius said...

Yay! Bunny video! Bunny video! I got dizzy watching Thumper go around in circles. He sure seem to be having so much fun! His actions seem to be directed with such intent and purpose! I am afraid that I don't understand the Tammy/Quentin Simpson's episode reference, tho. More Bunny videos, please!

MC said...

The episode playing in the background is the one where Homer gets hired by Hank Scorpio, the affable supervillain. The family moves to Cypress Creek, and on Bart's first day at the new school, he is asked to read the following sentence (presented in cursive, which Bart has not learned):

Quentin and Tammy went to the zoo on Sunday.

After he messes up the reading, the teacher takes him out to the hall and the conversation heard in the Thumper video is the tail end of that.

Becca said...

That is my FAVORITE episode of The Simpsons. I know almost every line and it still cracks me up. My favorite scene is where Homer asks Scorpio for sugar and he pulls handfulls of loose sugar out of his pockets, gives it to Homer then apologizes that it's not in packages. CLASSIC!

I know it just added so much!

Dr. Zaius-
I was hoping you would enjoy the dizzy excess! Thumper is the coolest and I will post more bunny videos when I can manage to catch him doing somthing interesting!

I would have responded to your second comment but I have to head down to the hammock district. I hear Put Your Butt Here has some good sales going on.

MC said...

If you see Mary Ann, say hi for me. I miss getting in a hammock with her ....Rowr!

Dr. Zaius said...

Thank you for this the fine bit of Thumper Theater. YouTube was invented just for stars like your rabbit to shine upon us. (Or to at least run around in circles with a toy in their mouth.) More Bunny videos, please!

Anonymous said...

I just love your Thumper videos! He is the cutest bunny in the world.