Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chopper Chicks!

Some of these covers are bizarre...


MC said...

And isn't it weird that only one of those magazines still exists... at least as a general publication.

PJ said...

Those are friggin' disturbing!

Heidi Nyburg said...

Is that Penny Marshall on #2 :) How about number 4, kind of looks like the blond from Designing Women. I guess Joe Francis got the idea for Girls Gone Wild, from Man's Book.

Scurvy said...

The styling of the bike on the cover of Street Chopper is soooo 1970. The super high back seat, exposed frame, sidecar seat, and those pipes going straight up in the air a good 3 ft. (not to mention "elvira" as a rider!) It really wasn't that long that this look was in vogue amongst bike customizers, but for the time it was pretty inovative. I'd like to see one of the 'big name' builders have the balls to do a retro build like this now. Sort of makes me want to put a torch to my Harley. ....then again. Maybe not. ;)

Neil Sarver said...

Oooh! If I were going to start a magazine, I'd totally look into the rights to calling it "MAN'S BOOK Periodical"!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I want to learn to Kill the "Sophisticated" Way!!!!

Dr. Zaius said...


Marius said...

How to kill the sophisticated way

Now there's a line that is guaranteed to sell copies of any publication. LOL

Also, some of those hairstyles are awesomely retro!

Becca said...

I know! But I'm not sure that it's for the swinging biker anymore!

Figgin' times 10!!!!

Oh wow that does look like Penny Marshall! Now that's friggin disturbing times 12!

Those super high back seats rock! And those really high handles! I saw someone riding around on one of those today and was very envious!

I so wish I could find copies of tMan's Book Periodical to read I bet it would be hours of fun!

Darling doesn't everyone!

Dr. Zaius-
I can just picture you on a bike with a beautiful photoshopped Nancy Pelosi sitting behind you!

I love the retro hairstyles on old pin-ups, I'll have to do a post of those some day!

Chus said...

This is what I think: Penny Marshall

Dating said...

Also, some of those hairstyles are awesomely retro!