Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm hard at work retouching more pictures and thought I'd share a couple. I got one of those Force FX lightsabers a few months back...Darth Vader...or course... and asked the lovely Evangeline to pose with it and I've been having fun with the pictures!

And here's one taken in some local wilderness just beautiful!


primalscreamx said...

You have an R2 unit? Man, no wonder you can keep up with all your stuff. I have got to get one.

Ben Varkentine said...

Clunk! (faints) Fine girl...in Catholic school-type skirt...holding lightsaber...get out of my head, Becca!

Thwacko said...

Nice pics, as always.
I know you're a movie buff, so you may enjoy the trip I made for my 30th birthday and the pics.

Dr. Zaius said...

Great pictures! I Like #4 the best - not that I like cowboy hats, but she looks so cute and natural. #1 with a light saber is the most dramatic. Best part? the cool finished logo! Yay!

Marius said...

Yeah, great pics! And I agree with Dr. Z.; the last one is the best. The others are fun--love the creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Becca said...

No I don't have an R-2 it's just photoshop but that answers the question about how fake the picture looks.

Sigh...the fanboy's wetdream...who couldn't love a girl holding a lightsaber.

I'm so bloody jealous! those pictures are great! What a great way to spend your 30th birthday.

Dr. Zaius-
She does look natural and she's so lovely she can make anything work. Glad you like the logo! :)

Thanks! I'm glad to hear the feedback as I struggle to make a career for myself in photography.

Johnny Bacardi said...

I will say that the fantasy works better when the fine young lady doesn't point the lightsabre at me...

Great pics, just the same!