Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Finally Finished!

I mentioned sometime last week that Lee over at Quit Your Day Job and I have decided to throw a little art challenge at each other. I've asked him to draw a Sin City inspired piece and he's asked me to draw Chiana from Farscape. We've also both agreed to draw our own versions of Aquaman. I finally finished them last night so here they are:

Aquaman and Friend

I'm not very good at drawing boys but I think this turned out well. I wanted to do something kind of classic looking and used the art of Alex Raymond as an influence here.


I had planned on coloring Chiana as well but it just seemed right in black and white...since she is basically black and white anyways. You can really tell I drew this by the thickness of her thighs. Thick thighs and big breasts are my biggest art failing...or not depending on what you like to ogle.

I can't wait to see what Lee's pictures will look like! I promise to let you all know when he's posted them.


Splotchy said...


Dr. Zaius said...

Those are great! I don't think that you have any trouble drawing boys. Aquaman look hunkier in your drawing than he does in the comic books! And Chiana looks ready for action! There is nothing wrong with her thighs. Artist always pick their own work apart. Your perspective on your own work is overly harsh.

Anonymous said...

I've made more comments at QYDJ about these but I've got to say I love your style and it shines through the images. You shouldn't want that to change!! That is exactly Chiana as drawn by Becca.

I love them and I think you're right about Chiana in the black and white - it really works.

Great work Bec!!!

I'm slack and I only have the Aquaman drawing done and now available for viewing - it'll take me a couple of days to get into a Frank Miller mindspace to replicate his style!

Anonymous said...

I alos forgot to mention how much I really love the framing that you put into these too - the Aquaman one is really awesome!

Scurvy said...

I love the Aquaman picture! HIs friends ain't bad either ;)

Scurvy said...

she reminds me of a mermaid I painted a few years ago. I'll have to post a picture of it.
You've done Aquaman proud by the way.

Sorry about the split comment.

Becca said...

Thank you!

Dr. Zaius-
As far as drawing boys I really do have a problem, it's a rare occasion when they turn out well but I think Aquaman looks great!

Chiana is always ready for action...

As far as the thighs...yeah I was being sarcastic that time...I LOVE girls with big thighs and I think it shows in my art.

Your also right about the over critical of my own art thing. You spend so much time working on a project sometimes you are not sure if it's just you or if it does look good. These are two pieces that I think turned out very well and I am very proud of them. Thanks for the feedback Dr. Zaius as usual you rock!

Thank you! It's taken far too long to really develop a style of my own that I think really screams ME and that I am happy with. And yes you and the fine Dr. are correct I sounded far harsher with myself then I meant to though I fear I really am that harsh with myself sometimes! Got to get over that.

I'm really glad you like these your Aquaman is fabulous and I can't wait to see the other drawing as well! Great idea Lee I'm so glad you though of it!

Tee hee hee you said boobs without saying boobs...hee hee you are a Cap'n after my own heart.

I'll have to head over to the blog and see if you do post the Mermaid! The creative stuff you've posted so far has been pretty cool.