Monday, July 02, 2007

Guess That Movie Quote: Week 8

Time for the next movie quote quiz and this week all the quotes come from big screen musicals!

Here are the people guess the source of the quote I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog.

Now on to the guessing!

1. "He seems to be completely unreceptive. The tests I gave him showed no sense at all. His eyes react to light; the dials detect it. He hears but cannot answer to your call." Scurvy

2. "I was battered and bruised but the king was amused and before the siesta he made me his jester and I found out soon that to be a buffoon was a serious thing as a rule! For a jester's chief employment is to kill himself for your enjoyment, and a jester unemployed is nobody's fool!" SamuraiFrog

3. "I'm a master of fright / And a demon of light / And I'll scare you right out of your pants / To a guy in Kentucky / I'm Mister Unlucky / And I'm know thoughout England and France / And since I am dead / I can take off my head / to recite Shakespearean quotations / No animal or man / Can scream like I can / With the fury of my recitations." J.D.

4. "Every time I look at you I don't understand why you let the things you did get so out of hand? You'd've managed better if you'd had a plan. Why'd you choose such a backwards time in such a strange land? If you'd come today you would've reached a whole nation. Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication." Scurvy

5. "I got a lotta muscle and I only gots one eye / And I'll never hurt nobodys and I'll never tell a lie / Top to me bottom and me bottom to me top / That's the way it is 'til the day that I drop, what am I?" Scurvy

6. "Don't worry if you feel ashamed / It's been around for years / And thousands more that can't be named / Are interested in rears / Don't worry about hell / No harm will come to your soul / We're not a Pentecostal / And everybody's got an asshole." SamuraiFrog

7. "My hair like Jesus wore it/ Hallelujah I adore it/ Hallelujah Mary loved her son/
Why don't my Mother love me?"

8. "Be nice to me, babe or you'll regret it. You are my hostage and don't you forget it. The night is early and there's lots to be done. Lets boogy now, come on, we're gonna have some fun."

9. "Were there stars in your eyes when you crawled in at night - from the bars, from the sidewalks, from the gutter theatrical? Don't look down, it's a long, long way to fall." SamuraiFrog

10. "If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it/ Anything you want to do it/ Want to change the world/ There's nothing to it." Johnny B

And with 4 correct guesses Scurvy has proved he's this week's movie genius! Congrats Scurvy and we'll see you all again next week for another exciting round of Guess That Movie Quote!


Scurvy said...

1. Tommy

4. Jesus Christ Superstar

5. Popeye (one of my favorite musicals)


I see a theme here.

Johnny Bacardi said...

#10: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

"There is no life I know that compares with pure imagination..."

SamuraiFrog said...

2. The Court Jester (I love that movie!)

6. Meet the Feebles (Yay! Sodomy!)

9. Evita

MC said...

8: Little Shop of Horrors?

Becca said...

All correct! Good job Cap!

Johnny B-
Also correct...such a great song in a fabulous movie!

Your superior movie trivia skills shine once again! You are correct!

Good guess it does sound like something from Little Shop but unfortunately it is not.

Gosh it looks like Scurvy is this week's winner! Congrats Scurvy I'll post your award tomorrow and anyone else should please feel free to take a crack at the remaining two!

J.D. said...

#3: The Nightmare Before Christmas! Love that movie.

Scurvy said...


Becca said...

Good job J.D.! You are correct!

Here are all the answers including the unguessed #8.

1. Tommy
2. The Court Jester
3. Nightmare before Christmas
4. Jesus Christ Superstar
5. Popeye
6. Meet the Feebles
7. Hair
8. Forbidden Zone
9. Evita
10. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Gavin Elster said...

Aw. I was so happy that the first one I guessed was forbidden zone. Thats my favorite musical of all time aside from umbrellas of cherbourg.

Becca said...

I was hoping someone would get that quote! I'm so happy you did!

I checked out your blog. It's pretty cool, I'll have to check it out on a regular basis!

Stop back and try your hand at more movie trivia on Mondays!