Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Dan!

It's Dan Radcliffe's 18th birthday and we hear at The Skullcave are celebrating by giving you five interesting facts about the man.

Has stated that 12 Angry Men is the first black & white film he ever saw and is also his favorite film.

He can rotate his arm 360 degrees.

He was named Britain's richest teenager with an astounding 23 million pound fortune, after he signed on a 8 million pound deal to make the fifth movie of the Harry Potter series.

He has two border terriers named Binka and Nugget.

He supports Demelza House Children's Hospice, which is a charity that cares for terminally-ill children in the Kent, East Sussex and South London areas of Britain. Dan always asks his fans to donate to the charity every Christmas and on his birthday instead of sending him gifts. In the book, 'Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince', the author 'JK Rowling' named the character Demelza Robins after the charity.

"People will always remember Harry, but I think if I work hard enough other characters will stick in their minds as well."

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