Monday, July 09, 2007

Hero Worship: The 10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor

David Tennant as The 10th Doctor: The current (non ginger) 10th incarnation of the galaxy's greatest time lord. This man has saved the earth more times than you can imagine most recently he saved us from the tyranny of The Master. Plus The 10th Doctor is a pretty snazzy dresser.


Marius said...

David Tennant's Scottish accent drives me nuts. Love it! And, yes, he's a snazzy dresser.

By the way, love the banner. :)

John said...

Tennant was a wonder this series. I liked him in the previous one, but this time around, he really pegged it all the time - and he only did the embarrassing screamy thing in one episode! He was able to go from giddy joy to burdensome despair with such precision, I commend him for really, finally adding something amazing to the Doctor's story.

Anonymous said...

i am *MADLY* in love with the Doctor (have been for years) but Tennant's Doctor is now my favorite (sorry, Tom Baker). like Martha says, "I love him to bits!"

gotta love the trainers and he changes his clothing more frequently than any Doctor before him. as one who hopes to be carried off in the TARDIS one day, i say -- let it be the 10th Doctor!

Becca said...

He does have a GREAT accent!

Yes I think he finally found his groove this season. I can't wait to see him next season!

Ah the Doctor is soooo dreamy. For me it's all about #9 but 10 has a real spark, plus the trainers are way sexy!