Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interviewed by a Monkey

Here is the second of the interview memes I have asked to complete. This one comes from the awesome Dr. Monkey. Thanks for some great questions!

1) I love, love, love it that you post so many pictures of busty sexy women on your various blogs and I love it that you do photo shoots of normal looking women, and by that I mean you don't seem to take photos of the skinny stick figures that the corporate media thinks we find attractive, what's behind your obvious appreciation of the curvy woman?

There is nothing I appreciate more aesthetically than a beautiful woman and beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. As long as a woman seems comfortable with the way they look…not too uncomfortably over-carved with cosmetic surgery or too emaciated with starvation…there is usually something appealing about any woman. Personally I appreciate women who are a little heavier then the 100lb Hollywood standard, I prefer fleshy women who jiggle a bit when they move…as evolution intended.

Like the lovely Yoko Matsugane: Jiggle Matsugane jiggle!

2) I have been a huge fan of your blog since I started blogging and in fact you were one of my inspirations to start blogging, tell me what got you started and who, besides me of course (hahaha), are your favorite blog writers?

Why thank you! It’s very cool to know that I helped inspire someone to start their own blog as I myself was inspired by another. I hadn’t actually considered starting a blog until I got in touch with a friend who had been absent from my life for a few years; she wrote me, mentioned her blog and I started reading it. I had actually been considering starting my own website on and off for a while, a place to post my artwork and blogger seemed the perfect venue.

As far as my favorite blog reads…usually if I link it, I enjoy reading it but that’s kind of a cop out answer so if I had to pick 7 great blogs I think everyone should read…in no particular order they would be:
Zaius Nation is a great place to get biting political commentary, photoshop funnies and info on cheeky French girl pop groups.

X-Y-Z Cosmonaut The Cosmonaut and I might disagree on how brilliant the third season Dr. Who finale was but this is a great blog to find all sorts of great comic and musical oddities. Very cool.

Electronic Cerebrectomy a great mix of pop culture, politics, movies, TV, cartoons and naked chicks! Sometimes altogether in the same post!

The Last Visible Blog There is a little bit of everything here; science, music, Dr. Who, religion and weekly nightmarish vintage recipes for food you wouldn’t feed your dog.

The Urban Recluse Read it and follow the adventures of the lovely PJ an aspiring writer and city-girl recluse from South London.

Cap’n Scurvy’s Treasure Chest The best kept secret in the blog-o-verse.

Quit Your Day Job Fanboy and closet Anne Hathaway fan Lee will keep you up to date on all things geek plus a whole lot more!

But of course it goes without saying that my absolutely favorite blog is Monkey Muck as I’ve said before I’m a sucker for a monkey in a fez.

3) If you could live anywhere in the world during any time period in history where and when would you live?

Oh man that’s a tough question! There are many places throughout history that I’d love to visit…but to live there? Hmmm…I pick the debauched Weimar Republic in Germany pre Nazi rule.

4) You have very eclectic tastes in all things pop culture, what would be the dream movie, book, TV show, and CD that you would like to see?

Another great question! I would love to see a big screen adaptation of a great but unnoticed mystery novel called Nevermore by William Hjortsberg. Its main characters are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini who must solve a series of Edgar Allen Poe inspired murders. I recommend this book to anyone I can though I fear it’s out of print these days. Back when I read it I thought Harvey Kietel would make a great Houdini and Peter O’Toole a wonderful Conan Doyle.

As far as dream book…this sounds weird…but I’d love to see someone like Allen Moore write a graphic novel about the rise and downfall about the Nazi party. Though I’m not sure who should illustrate it. I’ve actually wanted to do this myself but I haven’t the motivation or frankly the skill to do it yet.

In the realm of TV I’d LOVE to see a small screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. HBO bought the rights to do this very recently but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. By the way these are fantastic books! Even if you are not a huge fan of fantasy literature, these are so much more, full of court intrigue, tense moments and unexpected twists. My favorite books.

Music is hard cause I’m really not a huge fan of the vast majority of modern music, but I think it would be pretty cool to see Brian Eno or Moby score a movie.

5) I know you are a huge Dr. Who fan, as am I, if you had the chance to go exploring the universe with him would you go even if it meant that if and when you ever got back to earth that everyone and everything you knew was dead or changed forever?

In a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even think twice.


primalscreamx said...

Oddly enough, Harvy Keitel and Peter O'Toole did play Houdini and Doyle in "Fairy Tale: A True Story."

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll send you the fifty bucks I owe you for saying how much you live my blog. You just hang out at the mail box and keep waiting girl.

Great responses and fair is fair, if you want, interview me.

Ben Varkentine said...

Why would someone be a closet Anne Hathaway fan?

Becca said...

Yeah I kind of ripped that idea off... they were just so good together in Fairy Tale! Great movie by the way!

Dr. Monkey-
Hooray I get to interview the monkey!

Lee are you out there? Want to take this one?