Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wizarding Words Day 5

Severus Snape- JKR named Snape after a small town in England (probably the one in Suffolk). But why did she choose Snape over any other town? Why not Glemsford, for example? Snape has the right sound to it. It recalls a number of harsh words, like snake and snipe. A snipe is a contemptible person; to snipe is to shoot from ambush. Severus is Latin for severe, or might be a pun on "sever us" - cut us off. The Roman emperor Severus spent three years in Great Britain.

Spellotape- Spellotape is used for magical repairs. There is an actual brand of adhesive tape named Sellotape, made in the U.K. since 1937. The trademarked name is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Veela- In legend, a veela, also known as a wili, is the ghost of a woman who dies while engaged to be married. Veelas come out to dance at night. Any man who sees them is doomed to dance with them to his death. This legend is the basis of Adolphe Adam's ballet, "Giselle".

Voldemort- Vol de mort is French for "flight of death".

Thats all for now! Besides I'm sure you'll be too busy reading Harry's final adventure tomorrow to read more!


Dr. Zaius said...

It's "cellotape," like cellophane.

Zaius, the annoyingly correct

SamuraiFrog said...

They make repair tape for cellos?

Everything's coming up Yo-Yo Ma!

Becca said...

Zaius, the Annoyingly Correct-
Thanks for catching that!

LOL! You are such a dork, almost as nutty as me!