Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creativity Has it's Rewards!

PJ over at The Urban Recluse has nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award! How cool!

I now get to give it to 5 creative bloggers!

J.D. For his awesomely creative banners!

Splotchy I love his hilariously creative series of Hypothetical Quotes By People of Distinction. This one is my favorite! Two words...rumpus room.

Dr. Zaius For his awesome ability with photoshop! And his relentlessly creative methods of making fun of political dead beats.

SamuraiFrog for being such an awesomely creative and funny writer!

Dr. Monkey For his awesomely creative writing and raucous sense of humor!

You all rock! And thank you PJ!


J.D. said...

Danke, Becca. You just can't stop rocking, can you? Yay!

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, but why did you have to give one to J.D?

We are currently in the midst of an epic battle, but I will prevail.

Splotchy said...

Thanks a lot, becca!

You're the hostess with the mostest.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I am not worthy but since it comes from someone who I admire so much I sahll accept it and pass it on.

I bow down to you O Misstress of Mayhem!

Dr. Zaius said...

Thank you, you are very kind. You make feel all gooshy inside!

Becca said...

No I cannot stop the rock...

Congrats on prevailing in your epic battle!

An Elvira reference! You've made me the happiest little girl in the world!

Dr. Monkey-
You are so worthy! Mistress of Mayhem is pretty darn sweet too!

Dr. Zaius-
Tee hee hee you said gooshy!

J.D. said...

She didn't prevail! I didn't prevail! NO ONE PREVAILED! Well, Bill Gates did, but he's a third party!