Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wizard World Part 3

Here are the last of my Wizard World pictures get ready for some costumed fun!
A picture I was commissioned to draw. She has little hearts on her cute!

Iron Man is puffy!

Aquaman and Martian Manhunter and if you look very closely you'll see Ant Man in Aquaman's hand. I mean The Atom...thanks to RAB for pointing out my mix-up!

A Ghostbuster! Who said he drove to the con in a car he made up to look like Ecto 1! How awesome!

Do you remember Supergirl from the first Wizard World post? Here she is on the second day dressed up like a cat! How fucking cute!

Someone from the USO asked me to draw something to send to the soldiers in Iraq.

These might be my favorite costumes from the weekend! They are so perfect and that kid was just dead serious...wouldn't crack a smile to save his life.

Obi-Won Kenobi with a glowing lightsaber!

Batgirl and...well...I'm not sure but she looks cute! Can anyone out there tell me who she is?

And then out of nowhere a nazi...weird...but great costume!

Hellboy and Captain Ohio...not sure if Captain Ohio is a real character but it was a great costume!


Richard said...

Batgirl is standing with her teammate Black Canary who surely ought to be one of your favorite comics characters!

Also, Aquaman is holding his fellow DC character the Atom, not the rival shrinking character from Marvel, Ant-Man.

Becca said...

I've never seen that Black Canary costume...or at least I don't remember seeing it. And thanks for the catch you are right! It's the Atom...silly Becca.

Richard said...

I much prefer the original Canary look myself. As alternate costumes for BC go, this is the most tolerable and even looks like a reasonably practical outfit for athletic crime-fighting, though it'd be better with a jacket.

At least they've gotten both her and Zatanna back into fishnets after the bizarre fashion mistakes of the Eighties and Nineties...

PJ said...

Supergirl/cat lady is cute! Did you get her number?

Kyle Miller said...

Unless I'm mistaken, the "catgirl" is meant to be Felicia from the Darkstalkers videogame.

Scurvy said...

That Aquaman costume is way cool!

Dr. Zaius said...

I love your drawings! The angel kind of got away from you, off the edges of the paper... "It's so hard to stay inside the lines!" Dinosaur lady is outta sight as well! She seems very proud of her date.

All the photos ae great, but I think I liked Supergirl/Catgirl best! And I want Egon's costume.

Splotchy said...

Hubba hubba for that lovely little angel you drew.

Becca said...

The original canary look is certainly the best. And thank god for the return of the fishnets! They are impractical as hell but damn they look good!

I so wish!

You might be correct I'm not sure...I think there is a manga character who has a simular costume as well. In any case she looks damn good in that costume!

Thanks for commenting!

I know it's such a great! costume!

Dr. Zaius-
She did get away from me but I really like the way she turned out! And dinosaur lady loves her date! I had a toy dinosaur and barbie doll on the table and kids kept stopping to check them out. There was one little girl who just couldn't figure out why the barbie would be hanging out with a giant dinosaur. She was so cute!

Egon's costume rocks. I want a proton pack!

Thank you!