Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pornographic Treasures Found at Library Book Sale!

The public library in town had a used book sale over the weekend so of course I had to go. I found some very neat books including what I believe to be a first edition of Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire but I also found this:

a yellowing version of 1001 Arabian Nights from 1939 called Arabian Nights on the dust jacket and The Arabian Nights' Entertainments on the title page. I don't think it's Worth very much money wise but it has some very cool illustrations like this one:

If you want to see more of the fabulous art from this book go here where some very nice person has created a page just to show the best of these illustrations off.

In any case I only briefly flipped through the book while at the sale threw it in my bag and went on to pick out some other books. When I arrived home I took some time to really look at these fabulous illustrations when three yellowed folded pieces of paper fell out of the book. Figuring I would find an old grocery list or some one's homework I opened them up... I could not in a million years have imagined I would find these:

...incredibly simple, incredibly dirty drawings created by some nameless person years ago. They are insane so shocking and yet so innocent! Each drawing is apparently a "scene" there are three drawings and therefore three scenes of nearly anatomically correct, hilarious, sexual adventure! If you dare to enlarge the drawings you'll find stunningly disturbing dialogue like... "tits tastes good" and the oh so suave response "it's my milk".


Anyways this was so bizarre I just had to share it with you all. I hope you get as much laughter out of this as I did.


John said...

These are great!!!

Joe said...

That is awesome!

Over the years I've become something of an aficionado of D.I.Y. porn, and that stuff gets an A+ for sincerity.

Great find!

Michael Röhm said...

That... is incredible. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty impressed - I always wondered what porno storyboards looked like and now I know!

PJ said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing it. I just wonder what that artist is up to now.

Ben Varkentine said...

When you say "up to," PJ...

Scurvy said...

Hmm... vintage hand drawn porn. It's slightly reminscent of a "Tijuana Bible". (those are fun, worth looking up if you haven't)

I'm diggin' "sene 3"

Scurvy said...

"let me park my car in your garage"


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Wow. Thanks.

Becca said...

Very great!

DIY Porn what a great way to put it!

Good Sir-
You are welcome!

Now I can make a porn movie based on these. The dialogue is all ready to go and everything! I'm sure it will still sound wooden.

PJ- Me too, me too! I wish I knew how old these were!!


Yes I didn't even think of the Tijuana bible connection. "sene 3" is hilarious. I wonder how old the person who drew these was.

Oh and thank you for clearing up the garage line...I couldn't quite red it.

Dr. Monkey-
You are very welcome!

EG said...

This would be perfect for Found Magazine. Good work!

Becca said...

Oh yeah! I love that Found magazine it's so much fun to look at.

Dr. Psycho said...

I'd guess that the creator of that porn was about twelve (at least mentally), and a virgin.

Probably had never even seen porn before, either.