Monday, November 12, 2007

Coolest Simpsons Toy Yet!

I just bought me what I think might be the coolest Simpsons toy to date...Homer and Marge from Treehouse of Horror XV from the In the Belly of the Boxx story where Proffessor Frink shrinks the Simpson family down to venture inside the body of Mr. Burns.

The supremely cool figures now live in front og my Tom Sullivan autograph on top of the Brain in a Box CD set. Only seemed appropriate. Damn those space helmets rock!


Scurvy said...

I find myself strangely attracted to Marge sometimes. ????

Becca said...

I agree...beneath that green dress lies the body of a sex kitten! Meow!

Richard said...

It's their respective helmets that make this so perfect.

Dr. Zaius said...

Marge Simpson is a sex goddess among the lymph nodes.

Becca said...

Yes the helmets are the best part.

Dr. Zaius-
Hubba hubba