Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Pilgrim for Thanksgiving!

These pictures of the lovely playmate Janet Pilgrim are my way of saying Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Adam Ross said...

Wow, is that the same model in the last two pictures? The lighting makes it look like her grandma took a turn in front of the camera. No matter, pics 2 and 3 more than make up for it.

Dr. Zaius said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scurvy said...

Yes indeed. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear friend Becca. And I hope that the person who left that first comment was joking becasue Ms. Pilgrim looks great at any age.

Joe said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great to see Jane Pilgrim--I used that second shot of her last year for one of my pre-Christmas pinup posts and my brother in law thought it was a retro-looking pic of Jennifer Tilly.

Becca said...

It is the same model something like 30 or 40 years appart...and honestly I think she still looks amazing. Best secretary ever.

Dr. Zaius-
You too...a bit late...hope you had two pieces of pumpkin pie!

You too! Hope you got two pieces of pumpkin pie too!

Dr. Monkey-
Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And yes Miss Pilgrim looks amazing at any age.

How funny I guess she does look a bit like Jennifer Tilly with her blonde hair. Hope you had a great turkey day!