Thursday, December 06, 2007

Color Me Surprised

Bauhaus...together again for a new album...of original material?


I thought they hated each other...

I guess it's that time heals all wounds thing. Gee I'm kind of excited now. It should be out in stores March 4th, 2008 but unti then why not watch a super Bauhaus video!

Bauhaus- Spirit:

or two...

Bauhaus- Bela Lugosis Dead


Westcoast Walker said...

I used to engage in a very pretentious slow motion mime dance to Bela Lugosi at under age clubs many moons a go.

It would be fun to hear some new material from the boys. They should get Flood to produce it and have PJ Harvey sing back up!

They should tour - thats where the money is, and besides, Peter Murphy can still get away with wearing tights!

Andy Bennett said...

Saw them live twice on the last tour in 2006. They still got it... it's just too bad they can't get along. Oh, well. We'll always have MASK...

Becca said...

Who didn't? It's a goth rite of passage. I guess Peter Murphy just lends himself to lip syncing. My best friend and I in high school used to lip sync cuts you up...well one of us lip sync'd and the other would pretend to be that violin, playing shirtless guy.

It's a sad admission but it was fun.

And yes the more I think about it the more excited I am to hear the new material. Peter's last album was really interesting and I thought the last Love and Rockets electronic thing was equally as interesting.

It's been a life long dream of mine to see Peter Murphy live in tights...sigh...maybe now that will never happen.

Wow I'm very jealous. I have Gotham and it's a terriffic live album but I've never seen them on stage myself. Sigh...

Such a brilliant band.

Quink said...

I hadn't seen that video of Spirit for about 16 or 17 years. Pete Murphy in fine poncing form and Daniel Ash as ugly as ever.