Sunday, December 23, 2007

Secret Santa Strikes Again!

This post is part of the Secret Santa Project and I have drawn Freida Bee!I've only been over to Freida's blog once or twice before now but it was a lot of fun to get to know her a little better as I tried to choose the perfect secret santa gifts.

Freida seems like a very down to earth gal so I chose some pretty down to earth presents...

Some swanky new brown boots (vegan since I wasn't sure if you wore leather or not).

A new sketch pad and pencil set for drawing those amazingly wonderful Froodles.

An IPod shuffle (I hope orange was okay!)

And a $100,000 gift card to fill it with all the music you want!

Oh and since you seem to be a pretty big Annie Sprinkle fan I got you the Annie Sprinkle Page-a-Day calendar! (Damn I wish this one was actually real)

Of course I would have loved to give you the impeachment of George W. Bush but it would have taken a lot more than the 1 trillion dollar spending limit to buy off enough Washington insiders to make that happen :(

I hope you enjoy your gifts and Merry Christmas!!!