Sunday, January 20, 2008

Classic B-Movie Posters #5: Teenage Mother

A new health teacher in a high school is nearly raped by drug-dealing students and is blamed when a student turns up pregnant.

Wow exploitation at it's best! I love the image of the doctor slapping the baby's bottom.


Anonymous said...

they made me watch a baby being born in high school..i almost threw up

Joe said...

Hey! I just posted the trailer for this movie a couple days ago! Cool poster!

smallerdemon said...

I have seen this movie. In a theater. At 5 AM. Just before I had to eat breakfast. You might think that it's the baby being born that will scar you. No. It is the 40 year old teens. And the one in particular that can NOT dance. He dances like... I can't think of anything horrific enough to describe it. So bad. Movie memory hurting existence.

Becca said...

Sir Jorge-
Yeah that's not the prettiest sight in the world...

How funny! I must head over now to check it out!

Wow! Color me impressed I can't believe anyone has seen this movie. 40 year old teens huh? I look at that poster and I wonder if this movie wasn't a big influence on John Waters. The costume just reminds me so much od Divine's in Female Trouble.

smallerdemon said...

I know the trailer runs on Something Weird's OnDemand channel on Comcast, but I'm not sure if the movie itself is part of Something Weird's collection.

If you really, really, really want to just go ahead and fry your own mind, I suggest hunting down a copy of "Toys Are Not For Children" which is available as part of a Something Weird double feature set on DVD (the other movie is called Toy Box - a 60s scifi softporn that makes Barbarella seem like a Bergman masterpiece by comparison - that's not to disparage Barbarella, btw, since I LOVE that movie).

smallerdemon said...

Found it on Something Weird's site. It is available on DVD. Did you happen to look at the credits? Fred Willard is in it. :)

Unknown said...

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