Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why they will never let me illustrate childrens books part 2

A few of you may remember a drawing I did last summer of Hermione from the Harry Potter books that turned out...well a bit leggy and suggestive...

Here are a few drawings I did last night that once again turned out mildly suggestive without alot of effort.

The Wicked Queen

Snow White

Cruella DeVille

I'm sure I could tone it down if I made the least I think I could.


Anonymous said...

Those are f'n hot, especially Snow White.


Johnny Bacardi said...

So where's the Madeline drawing? Hm?

(I once did a sexy drawing of Rainbow, I don't know where it is)

Randal Graves said...

This is exactly why you should illustrate children's books. Even if just us adults buy them. ;-)

Swinebread said...

oh by! this art is so yummy!

Are you gonna publish an Adult version of these fairy tales?

Captain Incredible said...

I'm thinking ol' Uncle Walt would turn in his grave - nice one...

Becca said...

Thanks man! She does have that "oh no a giant man is about to overpower me look" on her face.

Johnny B-
Never did it...hmmm but maybe I should... I bet the Rainbow Brite drawing was great! Cartoon characters from the 80's really lend themselves to slutiness.

I think it would be a lot of fun to do a Wicked Wanda, Sweet Gwendoline type comic about fairy tales but I have to admit my storytelling abilities are not so great. Maybe in time I'll find the right inspiration.

See above!

It's quite an honor to disturb Uncle Walt's final resting place. By the way...always had a crush on him. Maybe it was the mustache.

John said...

Ever see the second series of the Steve Coogan show Saxondale? I think you have a soul mate!

PJ said...

You can draw me anytime! Those are lovely! I agree with the others that you'd be perfect at illustrating adult fairy tales. Besides, the original versions of may fairy tales weren't as fluffy as they are now. How about you illustrate and I write/rewrite these tales?

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