Sunday, February 03, 2008

Horrible Vintage Cigarette Ads

Wow...wonder what this doctor died of?

Forget the coffee just start smoking!'s manly.

This guy is a real winner any woman would be pleased to date.

and my personal favorite...


Steve said...

I almost dropped my cig i was laughing so hard!

coalville auto care said...

The only blowing i get these days is outdoors and the wind takes it-no chance of using this as an ice breaker nowadays.

Mob said...

Okay, quoting your fav at the end, what in the world does feeling 'over-smoked' mean?


Swinebread said...

Dam! those would be funny if they weren't true!

Scurvy said...

I have a bunch of wacky ads like this. I'll have to dig them up...

Dean Wormer said...

The baby should smoke.

Anonymous said...

I've felt oversmoked before - and it was because of Marlboros...

I digress - the doc in the first ad probably died of poisoning due to hair dye.

Becca said...

Then my work is done!

And what a successful icebreaker it must be... :)

Yeah I was kind of wondering that as well.

Very true...

Cool! I love wacky ads!

And that baby grew up to be Suzanne Plachette....ooh too soon?

Damn! What about truth in advertising???

Anonymous said...

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