Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mmmmm now that's ginger-tastic!!!

This kid really freaks me out!


Joe said...

He looks like a creepy ginger drunk. I've never seen a kid leer like that.

Anonymous said...

He looks a little ill, as a matter of fact.

Swinebread said...

Molester in the making!

Dean Wormer said...

I thought "Gingervating" was what you did alone in your room while watching reruns of Gilligan's Island.

Matt said...

They call him... Ginger.

According to the ad copy Ginger means pep. Does that mean they sometimes call him Pep as well as Ginger?

No wonder he's drinking.

I like the tag line at the very bottom with the copyright date.

"The Champagne of Ginger Ales"

Makes it sound awesome, does it not?

Becca said...

I KNOW! "(slurs) I'll tell you when I'm done! (hiccups) Now give me another!"

He does look ill, kind of green in fact.

I wonder if that's his Myspace handle..."Gingervating"?

Dean Wormer-
LOL! I don't even want to think about this kid "gingervating"...

Yuck! I bet he's one of those really annoying energetic kids who won't leave you alone.

And yes the champaigne of ginger ales is such a ridiculous yet perfect catch phrase. Sigh....I miss ye olden days of advertising.

Anonymous said...

i think he's also got gingivitis

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