Monday, March 03, 2008

Guess That Movie Quote: Week 29

Here are the rules:
If you know or think you know the source of the movie quote please leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess the source of the quote I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks but a master can email quote suggestions for the game.

Now on to the Guessing!

1. "It's okay, honey. I... I was just talking to the cornfield." SamuraiFrog

2. "I always figured when I got older, God would sorta come inta my life somehow. And he didn't. I don't blame him. If I was him I would have the same opinion of me that he does." Mikey Filmmaker

3. "The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn." SamuraiFrog & Crash Chloride

4. "What is so great about discovery? It is a violent, penetrative act that scars what it explores. What you call discovery, I call the rape of the natural world." Andy Bennett

5. "My life is made up of units of time. Buying CDs - two units. Eating lunch - three units. Exercising - two units. All in all, I had a very full life. It's just that it didn't mean anything." SamuraiFrog

6. "If you ever get the chance, shower with them. I did. Mmm, it's a mindscrambler. Hurts so good." Crash Chloride

7. "Let's go to a phone booth or something, huh? Where I will unveil a fifth of whiskey, I have hidden here under my loose, flowing sports shirt."

8. "Women! They let 'em vote, smoke and drive - even put 'em in pants! And what happens? A Democrat for president!" Bubs

9. "From the moment we enter this live we are in the flow of it. We measure it and We mock it, but we cannot defy it. We cannot even speed it up or slow it down. Or can we? Have we not each experienced the sensation that a beautiful moment seemed to pass to quickly, and wished that we could make it linger? Or felt time slow on a dull day, and wished that we could speed things up a bit?"

10. "In my bed, I've got two teddies, I've got a rabbit, I've got two dollies, and one Susan, she's got a bad eye, and then I've got a green giraffe which I won at a fair, he was the only one left, I felt *really* sorry for him, then there's Buzz, Woody, the alien, and then I've got a fluffy pink hot water bottle. So, there's just not enough room for you, mate!" SamuraiFrog

Sorry for the lateness I had some internet trouble yesterday so I wasn't able to update!

And just like that his first week back SamuraiFrog sweeps the contest...but he only guessed 4 he losing his touch? Probably not...I really shouldn't taunt him like here is your award SamuraiFrog and congrats on winning!!!

Thanks to y'all for playing and come back next week for more guessing fun!


SamuraiFrog said...

1. Field of Dreams
3. Leon
5. About a Boy
10. Spice World (Baby Spice forever!)

I'm on the comeback trail...

Anonymous said...

1 Field of Dreams?

6 Weird Science

Mikey Filmmaker said...

2. No Country for Old Men

Unknown said...

6. Weird Science

Anonymous said...

3 The professional?


Anonymous said...

Ah Samurai is more correct with his Leon



Joe said...

8--Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill. I don't care about the rest of them, I'm just happy no one else guessed that one before me.

Andy Bennett said...

4 was from Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, was it not?

Mob said...

7) Barfly?

The Frog beat me to Leon, which is the only one I knew for sure...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

1. Field of Dreams.
5. About a Boy.

Becca said...

SamuraiFrog & Crash Chloride-
I decided as I posted the quote I would count either title and both since Leon was originally released as The Proffessional in the United States so you are both winners yeah!

So glad you guessed this quote!

Here are the answers:

1. Field of Dreams
2. No Country for Old Men
3. Leon
4. Jurassic Park
5. About a Boy
6. Weird Science
7. From Here to Eternity
8. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
9. The Illusionist
10. Spice World

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