Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lyrics Quiz!

As is made obvious with the weekly movie quote quiz I post, I love quizes! And since I haven't done a random I-pod shuffle lyrics quiz in a while I thought it would be fun to put one up :)So if you know which songs these lyrics are from leave your guess in the comments!

1. "Glow, melt and flow, eviscerate your fragile frame, and spill it out in the ragged floor a thousand different versions of yourself." Douglas

2. "We dont need to see what the butler saw, or a mirrored room with a mirrored floor. All those sneaky looks gazing down on you are no substitute for our rendezvous." SamuraiFrog

3. "Offer me the bait, I'd take it. Offer me the cake, I'd bake it. Generally I'd try to fake it, but these days I'd rather face it." Douglas

4. "You know you can't hold me forever I didn't sign up with you, I'm not a present for your friends to open." SamuraiFrog

5. "Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog. He said, I will fix your rags, if you'll take Jack, my dog." SamuraiFrog

6."She's the second best killer that I have ever seen they dont come much more sick than you. I could go on if you want me to." Douglas

7. "I saw you this morning I thought that you might like to know, I received your message in full a few days ago, I understood every word that it said and now that I've actually heard it you're going to regret." Tim

8. "I don't want to talk about any of that bad stuff. Why I missed out on your wedding and your high school graduation, I'd like to explain, but I can't." SamuraiFrog

9. "Strollin' on the boulevards of Paris as naked as the day that I will die the sailors they're so charming there in Paris, but they just don't seem to sail you off my mind." Douglas

10. "I want to be the wandering sailor, we're silhouettes by the light of the moon. I sit playing solitaire by the window, just waiting seasons change." RAB

11. "He met his lover almost every single day, making excuses through his dodgy holiday, unto religion that he said and duty found, they didn’t know his faith was earthly bound." Douglas

12. "I was a short fuse burning all the time, you were a complete stranger now you are mine." Douglas

13. "Well you know that I love to live with you, but you make me forget so very much. I forget to pray for the angels and then the angels forget to pray for us." SamuraiFrog

14. "The old fortune teller lies dead on the floor, nobody needs fortunes told anymore. The trainer of insects is crouched on his knees and frantically looking for runaway fleas." Adam

15. "For what is a brat, what has he got, when he wears hats and he cannot say the things he truly feels but only the words of one who kneels." SamuraiFrog

Now that everything has been guessed I will post the complete list of answers in the comments. Awesome work indeed!


SamuraiFrog said...

2. Adam Ant, "Strip"
4. Elton John, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
5. The Band, "The Weight"
8. William Shatner, "That's Me Trying"
13. Leonard Cohen, "So Long, Marianne"
15. Sid Vicious, "My Way"

Richard said...

10. "...someday these dreams will pull you through my door, and I'll come running to tie your shoe, yes I'll come running to tie your shoe..."

Anonymous said...

14. 'Death Of A Clown' The Kinks

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

7. I know it's New Order. I think it's on Power, Corruption, and Lies. Good one.

Richard said...

Ack, how could I have overlooked number 14? I am a sad-faced clown now. :-(

Captain Incredible said...

Only one I got was 8 - nice to know someone other than me has that CD :)

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Oh, you're too sweet to give me that one. I had to go and listen to it. "Age of Consent". Of course. I thought it was the first track. Gave me chills. Love that song and that album and that group!

Carl Joseph Papa said...

1. sleeping lessons - the shins
3. caught in my shadow - dont know the singer. probably wonderstuff
6. flathead - fratellis
9. honky tonk woman - rolling stones
11. billy brown - mika
12. regret - not sure bout the singer

Becca said...

Impressive! Another Green World may be my favorite album of all time.

Of course! I have both the Shatner albums and all the Nimoy albums too. I even have the Brent Spiner album :)

Of course the Shatner/ Folds album is great, really enjoyable and I listen to it often.

New Order is indeed a great band. It doesn't matter how much time passes, even when I grow out of listening to other musicians I never get tired of New Order.

The answers are...

1. Sleeping Lessons by The Shins

2. Strip by Adam Ant

3. Caught in My Shadow by The Wonderstuff

4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

5. The Weight by The Band

6. Flathead by The Fratellis

7. Age of Consent by New Order

8. That’s Me Trying by William
Shatner and Ben Folds

9. Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones

10. I’ll Come Running by Brian Eno

11. Billy Brown by Mika

12. Regret by New Order

13. So Long Marrianne by Leonard Cohen

14. The Death of a Clown by The Kinks

15. My Way by Sid Vicious

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